This is the fortress that time built
It's cold and uninviting, well
You stumbled on its stones last night beneath the trailing ivy

These are the shoes that I had worn
When it was on that day last winter
You left me frozen and forlorn
I swore I'd never known you better

But oh, you did not know me at all
Til you had seen me fight with the dead of the night
Still you pulled me closer to your chest
And you are the one that I like best
I always thought if someone loved me at all
That they would give up the things that I detest

I know you'd never change a thing, not for anyone or anything
But when you cannot spare an hour
Won't you spare a thought for a dying flower?

And oh, who really knows you at all if you cannot
Talk of your greatest thoughts?
Still you pulled me closer to your chest
And you are the one that I love best
So go to the fields and you wait for me there,
And I'll show you the oath that I used to tread
To tread

And high on the hill where the rain came down
Hunching its toes in the cold hard ground
Oh I stood in your shadow
I was jumping and starting at every sound

Lyrics submitted by cosmia, edited by mirandaaaa

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    My OpinionI wish I had an idea beyond the very vaguest of what this song meant, but I can only offer my opinion that is is, without a doubt, the most startlingly good opening track of any debut so far this decade. Simply gorgeous.
    WoodlandBearon May 16, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI think it's about someone caring for or loving someone more than that person loves them. And knowing this but still wanting to be with them, wanting to believe that person does love them. Maybe.
    'I stood in your shadow'
    It's beautiful.
    whatkatydidnexton July 21, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI honestly think that at the start she is singing about her heart, or the barriers around her heart.
    Like, she has been hurt so many times in the past that over time this 'fortress' has been built.
    It's cold, and uninviting like she can't trust anyone anymore. Perhaps, apart from this fellow.
    When she refers to a 'dying flower' I think she is on about herself. And that her heart is dying.. Not literally but becoming colder and colder and she thinks that eventually it will be so cold, and so emotionless it might as well be dead. But him sparing an hour to talk to her, and to love her may save it.
    I think she also feels that this man is a lot better than she, telling the story that she is in his shadow, and it seems she's scared of something also with the last line.
    I could never ever know her logic with this song, but these are the thoughts that i get ^
    Allen123on July 29, 2010   Link

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