Who's up for some backstabbing today?
Man, that is way too cliche
I need to write something dark
Something about a black heart
Do I sound hard?
Way too predictable, way too impersonal
That's the last thing I'm singing about
You see, you take the worst thing
That has ever happened to you
And then the words come out
It's not fair to have to shake the hand that held a sharp instrument
Forget what I just said
It may seem like I have no feeling
I took a vicious beating, no that's not true at all
Look what you did, look what you're doing
You've reduced your friends to cliches and metaphors
What are friends for?
Oh, come on, we've been through this a thousand times
You know we've been through your excuses
All lame, irrelevant, invalid and useless
You've reduced your friends to cliches and metaphors
Friend deduction, self destruction
You need horrible lyrics to break out your worst form
But what for these lyrics never change, do they?
I could write a million songs
That would be drowned out by the smoky air
Maybe that's where I went wrong
Maybe smoke breaks are something sacred
Fiery embers held to their lips
Are like sippers that are being sealed shut
Gotta kick your habit, gotta kick mine, too
Gotta kick this out this doubt
Temporary zipper smoker code gets broken
And then the word gets out
We all have these terrible things to say
And nothing better to do
Except point out all of your problems
'Cause see that's addiction number two
I guess they say that life is made of these stupid races
And we are all rats that are danging halos in front of each other's faces
It's all true, I don't even know who said that
Maybe it was one of my prominent meomnts
I have those, contrary to popular deceit

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