Impeccable peccadillo
You are off your guard
Pussy willow calls there by the church,
“don’t go in if you are abnormally attracted to sin”
Abnormally attracted to sin
She may be dead to you
But her hips sway a natural kind of faith
That could give your lost heart
A warm chapel
You’ll sleep in her bell tower
And you will simply wake
Abnormally attracted to sin
Abnormally attracted to sin
Impeccable peccadillo
I know who you are
Tales of longing sway
Lost without a verse
Hymns of swing lay low
there by the church,
“don’t go in if you are abnormally attracted to sin”

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Abnormally Attracted to Sin song meanings
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    My InterpretationI love this song, Its incredibly ambiguous and open to interpretation like most of Tori's songs.

    It seems like shes saying sometimes sin can be a good thing because it can make us feel good and make us better

    Peccadillo means 'Sin' in case anyones wondering.
    King of Some Islandon May 16, 2009   Link
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    General CommentCurious about the choice of instruments- between synth/abyss and sharp-live strings for different 'planes of being?' They resonate abrasively to some ears. A feminine tubular bells?
    vogonjron May 26, 2009   Link
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    General CommentOddly enough i think the images in this song are pretty straightforward. Pussy Willow could mean a couple things. Pussy Willows are used on Palm Sunday (in place of palm fronds) in countries that are too far north to grow Palm trees. So as a representation of an orthodox faith, it makes sense for the Pussy Willow (originally venerated in Pagan traditions) to offer a warning before entering the church if you are "abnormally attracted to sin." It is also a tradition in places like North Carolina, Buffalo and New York to celebrate Easter Monday as a holiday which, to the Polish and Ukrainian population is called "Dyngus Day." Originally Dyngus Day was a day of blessing with water and self flagellation with willow switches to purify the self for the coming year but as time went on, unmarried girls became the only acceptable target of young unmarried men who would douse the objects of their affections in water and switch their legs with willow branches to profess their interest. Girls who avoided this treatment were considered unattractive and unfit for marriage.

    I think the bridge is in reference to the Great Mother Goddess (or very likely Mary Magdalene, a good representation of the sexual aspect of the Great Mother). "She may be dead to you but her hips sway a natural kind of faith that could give your lost heart a warm chapel." She's suggesting an alternative to the male dominated right wing patriarchy. Its also a caveat that if you "sleep in her belltower" you won't know what's happening to you but when you wake, you'll simply find yourself abnormally attracted to sin. This is a wakening of the mind to those alternate possibilities. So much of what keeps us submissive to the Patriarchal Right is our CHOICE to be. Then you start to recognize that things like Desire (tales of longing sway lost without a verse) and progressive music (hymns of swing lay low) have become panned by the church. Music by the Beatles and Elvis, some of the most popular music of ALL TIME were banned by some orthodox practices as being "the Devil's music!" Sleeping in Her bell tower awakens you to things that are not inherently evil, but are frowned upon by those in power because they require an ACTIVE mind.

    TomSkanderon June 05, 2009   Link

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