"Crank It Up" as written by Darryl Richardson Ii and Jonathan / Smith....
Man, come on (ay)
Turn my lead up (ay)
You know a nigga gettin that bread right? (ay)
Nigga I was talkin about mothafuckin hustlas, shawty my mechanic is right (ay)
We gettin arrogant

Yeah I'm talkin rich shit
All because I'm rich bitch
Holla at ya boy, maybe I can throw you rich dick
G's up peace, hope I take care of the piece
Yeah, ya boy's a beast, that's why ya bitch on me
Now a very long time ago, they used to hate me
Now lately I've been gettin it crazy
From them diamonds shinin, the mothafuckin ice
Blingin it's blindin I end they fuckin life
you don't know shawty cause this is extra
tic-tac-toe yo ass, O now I straight up X'd ya
Yo girl cheatin ask her who she did it with (damn)
Not one not two but the whole clique (damn)
Did the shit for free and I aint have to pay shit
I got a seat (did you know that she's a game bitch)
Me personally, I think that haters should die
They told my prayer for em, I don't see no reason why cause

What's up shawty? Did you say something?
You talkin under yo breath, it sound like mumblin
Crank it up a notch
Crank it up a notch
Crank it up a notch, bitch, crank it up a notch
I was broke shawty, but now I'm gettin money
Lame ass niggas can't even say nothin
Crank it up a notch
Crank it up a notch
Crank it up a notch, bitch, crank it up a notch

Nigga when I cock this fuckin gauge
Ain't no hoe shawty he straight
Make me burn through yo chest nigga and put yo ribs on a plate
See I ain't to be fucked with, or fucked up, or faced full
Red, nigga two trophies in my mouth and throwin these things up
Make these duals holla on my choppa, just like a SS
Fuck with boss bitches, in Utah with that wet wet
See yo niggas be havin phone sex, and beatin ya dicks on the internet
Talk about bustin me? Nigga you ain't even bust a nut yet
Don't think we ain't gon blast
So keep yo jaws locked, or I twist yo shit off, like a sprite top
I don't talk about it, I be about it
So fuck that shit them hoes say
You look wrong, say a word
Ima crack yo god damn forehead


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