Here I am, rise and shine
Way down of course I smile
Here is hospitality skin care tones
Clean flesh and lines tainted UV protection

This beauty here dipping neophobia

Here I am rise and shine
Way down of course I cry
Here is oblivion bathed acid red
Mute oily discolor, skin cancer, calories

Private care, sugar pills, the flak of healing.
Fragrance my escort of no meaning
This beauty here dipping neophobia.

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    My OpinionI think it's about Richey's anorexia notably with these followin lines :
    ''Weighed down of course I smile
    This beauty a dipping neophobia
    Weighed down of course I cry
    Private care, sugar pills, the flag of healing''

    He was at the hospital and he was tried to be recovered. He weighed down and he smiled then he cried : it shows the ambivalence of the anorexia cos in the same time he was happy and unhappy of losing weight. The beauty which scares him it's to gain weight.
    Private care, sugar pills, the flag of healing : It's about methods used to make him gain weight. What's More there are the word "calories" and calories are "bathed acid red" and it refers to wine. Wine contains calories but he needs to reach the "oblivion", to forget many things and to sleep. What's more wine and alcohol is a factor of cancer.
    Richey in this song sspeaks a lot about "skin" and I think it may refer to self-injury and anorexia. In any case, there are themes of anorexia and dismorphophobia in this song.
    regenbogenon April 11, 2011   Link
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    General CommentCan't believe no-one's commented on this one yet. It's my favourite from the entire album. Pretty much I see it as being about Richey's time in hospital.
    rxchyon June 06, 2009   Link
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    Song MeaningI agree with the first comment about it being about Richey's time in the hospital. Who knows, he could have even wrote this while he was there.

    I don't think it has much to do with 'beauty', as someone said. I see it as Richey scared of what's going to happen when he leaves the hospital because, obviously, things change - he had to 'stop' cutting, he had to 'stop' drinking in order to leave. It's a huge change on the body, but it's also very frightening because for him to cope, it was all he knew. He even said it in his last TV interview, him not drinking at night to fall asleep made the day longer and he had to find other methods to deal with certain things that he would usually cut for.
    xpwoppaon August 23, 2009   Link
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    General CommentThe music to this is brilliant- strangely haunting.
    manic4manicson December 08, 2012   Link
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    General CommentThis song made me cry
    It reminds me of girl interrupted
    I dont know why it just does, i remember there was a girl called Plly and she had torched herself because they put down her puppy or something
    And Susanna, the girl watching this... I think these lyrics could also have been said from her point if view
    Also if Richey wrote these when he was in the hospital then it explains everything because he must have seen so much pain and beauty there, beauty that was yet considered blank, and morbid. Because they changed it... There must have been other self harmers and anorexics there, that must have haunted him as this song haunts us
    Oh my god this album is just perfect
    LydiaBlackon August 10, 2014   Link
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    General CommentThe only thing I can gleam from it is the "beauty dipping neophobia". Neophobia=fear of change. Maybe he's discussing one who is so obsessed with their own beauty they fear change...i dunno.
    musicizmylifeon June 16, 2009   Link
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    General Comment"Mute oily discolor, skin cancer, calories"

    The album cover?
    Crane42on October 04, 2015   Link

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