[I. The House of Mirrors]
Listen to the tale I tell
A haunting dream I know so well
When walking home alone one night
My path revealed by candlelight
Ahead I see an open door
with no idea what's in store
I glance inside the door to see
A hall of mirrors beckons me
I take a breath and step inside
a tale of love and shattered pride
The door slams shut, I start to run
And it seems my journey has begun

I run and turn from side to side
with fear and panic in my eyes
The vastness overwhelming me
Mirrors far as the eye can see
I see myself in every one
I see the things that I have done
A thousand forms of flattery
The fear soon turns to haughtiness in me

Different mirrors, different shapes
My different strengths accentuate
Each mirror has a name and face,
and all reflect me in some way
I look at them to see myself,
to judge my life by someone else
The metaphors within replete:
the mirrors are the people that I meet

Look at the man you see - in the mirrors
The things you can be - in the mirrors
The glory of me revealed in the mirror's eye
The mirror never lies
The fire in my eyes - in the mirrors
The vanity rise - in the mirrors
The power of pride comes alive in the mirrors

Gazing in the mirrors I behold
All the greatest chapters of my story ever told
In the mirrors, the world is turned to gold

At the end of the Hall of Mirrors, I behold a golden door
I imagine all the beauty the other side must hold in store
So I quickly reach out my hand
To enter the next room in this promised land
I pull the giant door open
To continue my journey, I step inside
But it slams shut behind me, and I'm back outside
The pouring rain welcomes me into the arms of the coldest, blackest night

[II. The Stranger in the Storm]
The light of the mirrors has faded away
into distant memory
As the rain keeps coming down
My candle extinguished
I struggle to walk a path I cannot see
and the rain keeps coming down

The darkness grows with every step
I could cut it with a knife
As the rain keeps coming down
I can't see a thing and I've never felt
so alone in all my life
But the rain keeps coming down

Caught in the fury of the storm (The darkness suffocates)
Body and soul weary and worn (Another twist of fate)
Never been so afraid before (The ending of this tale?)
Never should have opened the door (From euphoria to hell)

I question my fate, my end to die in this storm
Maybe this was the plan back from the day I was born
But in the hall of mirrors, I had felt so high
I cannot walk another mile in this flood
So resigned to my fate, I just collapse in the mud
If I cannot go on, I'll just lay down and die

Suddenly a light I see, shining in the distance
I make my way toward it with my fading hope reborn
As I draw near, the light is clear, though the rain beats its resistance
But I press on and pray this is a shelter from the storm
Advancing now toward the light
I'm quickly moving forward
This hope has given me new strength
I thought I'd never know
But I take a step, and fall right back
for the ground is gone beneath me
And I behold, illuminated in the light's warm glow
A dark chasm, a great abyss
A vast expanse of nothingness
A pit that has no bottom as far as the eye can see
It spans the whole horizon and there is no way across
My lonely heart is shattered and all hope I had is lost

I'm startled to feel a hand on my shoulder
I turn to see a shadowed figure standing in the rain
But somehow I'm not afraid of him
even when he speaks my name
And somehow I can tell that he means me no harm
just by the peace that I see in his eyes
And even though I've never even seen him before,
it's like he's known me all my life
"Why are you crying?" the stranger asks
as I wipe away the tears
I point toward the great abyss
The source of all my fears

"I must get across and get to that light,
for it represents my only hope tonight
But when I saw the chasm, all that hope was lost
I've spent so long in the dark and the rain
that the sight of the light made my heart sing again
But the gulf's so wide, and there's no way across"

The stranger smiled and took my hand
He said, "But you are wrong, my friend
You cannot cross the gulf yourself, that's true"
He led me down toward the edge
and pointed just over the ledge
And said, "Behold, I built a bridge for you"

I cross the bridge toward the light
The stranger saved my life tonight
I turn to try to thank him, but he's gone
A long way to the other side
I'll make my way without my guide
No time to waste, for I must carry on

The bright light shines forth from behind
A door beyond description
Blood and scratches mark the door from ages of abuse
I'm confused no more, for above the door
is a weathered, old inscription
"All who would see reality, enter the Hall of Truth"
And so I do

[III. The Truth Revealed]
As I step inside,
I can see another mirror
A mirror so bright
that my eyes must turn away
A mirror so high
I start to question all the others
And as I stand there in the Hall of Truth,
my heart can only say:
"Show me the truth, I don't know what to believe
For the mirrors all showed something different to me
And my pride has given way to misery
I've spent so long in the dark and the rain
that the sight of the light made my heart sing again
and the stranger built a bridge across for me"

"BEHOLD THYSELF!" A voice rings out in paralyzing thunder
It echoes all throughout the hall and sends me to my knees
When the voice calls me by name, I'm overcome with fear and wonder
as I slowly start to rise and face the great mirror in front of me
When I open my eyes, I have to close them again,
but still the image is burned in my mind

A face with eyes as black as night
A terrifying sight
The flesh rotting away
in sickness and decay
It's mangled by disease
I'm unable to breathe
Tell me what manner of creature this could be,
'cause it's not me

I run away as fast as my feet will carry me
Back to the door leading into the night
Even the storm that almost claimed my life
was better than this
And so I throw open the door and see a man (The figure of a man)
The stranger from the storm returns again (To save me once again?)
I see understanding in his eyes (He's seen this all before)
Maybe he can tell me what I saw behind that door

"Tell me what I saw in the mirror
before I ran away
Tell me what I saw in the mirror
That face of sickness and decay
Tell me what I saw in the mirror
that left me terrorized
Tell me what I saw in the mirror
with the lifeless, blackened eyes?
Was it a demon from the fiery waves?
Was it the undead from beyond the grave?
Oh, the face that I beheld in the mirror left me paralyzed
Won't you tell me what I saw in the mirror on this night?"

"The light from the mirror you saw from afar
The Mirror of Souls shows all men as they are
You entered the hall and you asked for the truth
The man that you saw in the mirror was you"

"No! Don't show me the truth 'cause I don't want to believe
What the Mirror of Souls has revealed unto me
And the face I saw reflected cannot be me
Dying and lost in the arms of decay
I do not recognize the face I've seen today
And if you say that's my face I must disagree"

The meaning of these things I saw:
The mirror is the holy eyes of God
The truth unveiled before me
with these words of the stranger:
"The mirrors you saw in the hall long ago
were mirrors of lies, not reflecting the soul
When you look unto others to see what they see,
you see an illusion, deception, false reality"

I have seen my soul in the mirror and it has broken me
I have seen myself so much clearer than I had ever seen
"Can't you take away all this sickness from my soul and set me free?
You can save me...I believe"

And then he said, "Arise, my child
Your faith has made you reconciled
Now gaze into the Mirror once again"
We walked together through the door
and I looked in the glass once more,
but the only one reflected back was him
Somehow the only one in the mirror saw was him

Gazing in the Mirror of my Soul
Staring at the man who took my place and made me whole
In the Mirror, the Mirror of my Soul

Lyrics submitted by ledtheater9, edited by Octavarium64, cdhoffmann

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    Song MeaningThis is an incredibly complex song (I'm a Christian Theology major, and I could honestly write a dissertation on this alone), so I'll break it down by pieces.

    Part 1:
    Listen to the tale I tell
    The world is turned to gold

    It's fairly obvious, as the metaphor is explained fully. The mirrors in the hall represent people who know the narrator. They see him as a generally good, righteous man, and this pleases him. He sees himself as the world sees him - as a virtuous man, and he's proud of it.

    Part 2
    At the end of the Hall of Mirrors
    If I cannot go on, I'll just lay down and die

    While this may just seem like a transition to get the narrator to the chasm, it's much more than that. The storm represents the suffering caused by sin. The golden door is a metaphor for temptation - it often looks appealing, sometimes it's even disguised as something righteous (the devil masquerading as an angel of the light, for example). He opens the door to temptation, and he begins to see his soul for how it is - battered by a storm caused by sin.

    Part 3
    Suddenly, a light I see....
    My lonely heart is shattered and all hope I had is lost

    Caught in the storm of sin, the narrator notices a hope, an escape. A light (God) shining in the distance. He runs toward it, at full steam, until he is standing in front of a chasm, separating him from the light. Much like sin acts to separate us from God, the narrator's sense of hopelessness is an important aspect on his road to salvation.

    Part 4
    I'm startled to feel a hand on my shoulder
    [He] said, "Behold, I built a bridge for you."

    His hopelessness allows the Spirit to work through his Humility. Christ's death has built a bridge from man to God, across the Chasm of sin. In this section, Christ also acts as a comforter in the midst of the narrator's distress, highlighting His promises to never forsake us.

    Part 5
    I cross the bridge toward the light
    You see an illusion, deception, false reality

    The climax of the story, if you will. The narrator's acceptance of Christ's gift is only the first part of his salvation - there is something much more terrifying he must do next. He is forced to come to realize that not only is he not the virtuous man he thought himself to be, he is in fact the exact opposite - evil. Without God, a man can do no good, and this point is punctuated with an exclamation point when the narrator looks into the mirror. He sees himself, but his flesh is rotting. There is disease and decay. Maggots and worms make their home in his body, and his eyes black as coal. He realizes what others see is a lie, for they cannot see the soul. But God can, and He judges you by His standards, not yours.

    Part 6
    I have seen my soul in the mirror.
    You can save me, I believe"

    The final part of the narrator's salvation - confession and repentance. He admits that he is a sinner, and nothing in his power can change that. So he asks Christ to fix it for him.

    Part 7
    And then He said "arise, my child...
    The Mirror of My Soul [end]

    This part can be summed up in one word - forgiveness. Christ takes our sins upon himself, but because He is God, he remains Holy. The scene where the narrator and Christ look into the mirror represents the double imputation of the cross - the mirror, the eye of God - only sees Christ, and has completely forgotten our sin. See, when God forgives, His forgiveness is absolute - nothing remains to hold against us. It is complete absolution.
    CrownlessStudios93on May 02, 2012   Link
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    My OpinionThis song is epic. It breaks the mold in many ways. Firstly it's over 22 minutes long. The lyrics are inspiring and have so much to say. And musically, this song cannot get more unique. I haven't listened to it more than about 5 times yet, but I can't find any repetitive parts.

    As to the meaning of this song, I'm still working on it... :)
    whever111on January 05, 2010   Link
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    General CommentThe meaning of this song is one of the biggest reasons I like it so much. In fact, quite a few things can be drawn from it.

    Overall, the song is about how, no matter how 'good' of a person we are, or more specifically, how 'good' of a person the world views us as, you still cannot get into heaven on your own means. "For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of god"

    The 'people that I meet' mentioned in the song, may see the subject as a wonderful person, but in the eyes of god, or the mirror of souls, he is still blackened and corrupted by sin. But by through accepting the salvation of Christ (the stranger) god sees only the perfect life of his son, and not all of the sin and inequity
    arnockon January 10, 2010   Link
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    General CommentMatt Smith is an amazing songwriter. Theocracy rocks.
    ledtheater9on October 16, 2010   Link
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    General CommentPossibly my favourite song ever. Journey to get yourself a better man, told in a twilight zone way. Amazing !
    malekon February 02, 2012   Link

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