"Welcome to England" as written by and Tori Amos....
Do a dance for me
Baby it is ?
Don't want ?
Let the liquid take off what you won't or (your on)

You've been down before
Boy and I like this
I'm in quicksand
I am sinking fast

Perfect, heal it
Because your other half has got himself
A devil's excess or Access

Welcome to England, he said
Welcome to my World

You better bring your own sun, sweet girl
You gotta bring your own sun
Don't you forget your
Bring your own sun
Just enough for everyone

Heels on, go on
Bang a or(men can) tango but do not get tangled
Who can stay strong
When they only give us lies to lean on

When your heart explodes
Is it deathly cold
You must let the colors violate the
Blackness or (Blankness), the rest
A magic world in parallel
So leave your daily hell

Welcome to England, he said
Welcome to my World

It's not a question, if I care (or can)
Fight by your side
And we'll stand (or and withstand)
Anything but
But I forgot
That you said, girl
If you come

You better bring your own sun, sweet girl
You gotta bring your own sun
Don't you forget yours
Bring your own sun
Just enough for everyone

Welcome to England

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"Welcome to England" as written by Tori Amos

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    General Comment"Welcome to England is really about a woman who doesn't fit into this man's world, and she has let pieces of herself go ... So many times in these relationships, even with friends, you shave off parts of yourself just so you can kinda get along. Over the years I've come to recognize that you can be in a place but it's not your home. In this song, I wanted to represent this woman's view point with the fact that this isn't her world, but, in order to have love, she has to be in it."
    - Tori, Visualette Interview

    Couldn't explain it better than Tori herself!
    Definitely one of my top 3 on AATS.
    downthestaircaseon January 02, 2010   Link
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    General CommentNo Comments yet??! This is an INSTANT Tori Classic song! It's TRULY PURE BLISS! and I'm Sure it will be ONE of her BEST songs in her Career History! I also have a love-thing for her in the video! She Looks STUNNING!!! 1000/10!
    dissolvedboy2008on April 24, 2009   Link
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    General CommentYeah, I agree. Can't wait for the album, infact I've got it pre-ordered! Looking forwards to seeing more of those visualettes, too.
    The way I saw this song was that it was about a man who was with this woman, and he knew that she wasn't truly being herself, so he asks her that if she wants to be with him (in 'England') then she should 'bring her own sun'; be herself. I guess this could be about Tori and her husband, as he's British too... I don't know.
    Ylilaon May 06, 2009   Link
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    General CommentTo me, this song feels like she knows she's in trouble, knows she should be worrying about something, but he pours her another drink, just telling her to let it slide, let it go just another time.

    The bring your own sun part feels like, he's saying, 'welcome to hell, make the best of it, because you can only rely on YOU to bring your happiness, since no one else is going to care'.

    Great song. Should be interesting to see how 'big' it hits.
    sketchymurron May 21, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI believe this song to be about, or partly about, is patriotism and what it's like being an American in England. If you watch the visualette you'll see Tori's wearing a dress with an American Flag design, and is walking around in an English setting.

    I think the reference "your other half has got himself a Devil's access" refers to the American half, and the war on terror that her American side has been guilty of (see also visualette for Strong Black Vine), the American side having a 'Devil's access', whatever that means.

    I also think the line "It's not a question if I can fight by your side and withstand anything but... &c" is a more direct reference to her patriotism, meaning that there's no question that she'll fight for her country America (or maybe she's referring to England?), but England is the "magic world parallel" that she has fallen in love with, a land where she needs to bring her own sun (because it's always overcast?).
    litesneezeon June 05, 2009   Link
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    General CommentThis song makes me think of woman who leaves her home to be with a man (in England) and find herself lonely and desolate there, with a man who does not truly understand her or care to alleviate her feelings of isolation. He just laughs and tells her to 'bring her own sun', or find her own happiness within herself, which she talks about doing by 'letting the colors violate the blackness, and 'finding a magic world parallel' to the 'daily hell' her actual reality is.

    mar0071on June 27, 2009   Link

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