Pray for your soul
And the demons asked me
What would your god do to us
He cast upon them
The fierceness of his anger
Wrath, and indignation
And trouble
By sending evil angels among them

I think you better pray
Pray for your forgotten days
Where you left your evil ways to rot away
Like when the little boy walked in the first day of school
With his brand new shoes feelin oh so cool
He walked up to the girl of his dreams
He's gonna try to talk to her you can't believe
He stopped in front of her and opened his mouth
Sombody knocked him on the ground before any words could come out
And now the only thing comin out of his mouth is blood
As you kicked him in the street and forgot about it by lunch
That was the fourth grade and that was just the start
Of this innocent soul that's gettin ripped apart
You're in high school now and you're livin it up
His life's miserable but you ain't givin a fuck
He walked into your class and unloaded a clip
And now your parent's are left to wonder why he did that shit
You better pray

Pray for your soul

Here's the day you wanna pray for your life
It's the day you find out why you had to die
You get high with your wife and then y'all fight all night
She should end your life and I give her the knife
I got my homie Otis and he got the blade
And your man's about to die for the sins he made
Raisin a fist let the world know that he beats you
And the fucked up things he did to your kid too
I'm not the one to judge but I think you fucked up
Taste this nine in your mouth, bitch give it a suck
Gotta die, you a demon ??
So give your neck to Bonez and let me give it a choke
You better pray

Pray for your soul

Watch your life as it self destructs
Having visions of the people that you raped and fucked
Their tortured dance around your head
And tears fall from your face for the innocent bloodshed
You know your time is up and death is comin to claim you
And you're fightin it with everything hopin somebody will save you
Panic sets in as you lose control
And then the devil comes to claim your filthy soul
You better pray

Pray for your soul

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