"This Losing" as written by and Mikel Jollett....
This is London, the place where you're a god or a disgrace
The whole wide world at your feet to see the look upon your face
And you watch the BBC and you think, "Well, what if that was me?"
Such a promising life to waste.

You told me, "Just be brave. Remember all the gifts you gave.
And how you felt like you were saved,
Like you were singing from beyond the grave."
And you said you'd wait for me until the day I could sing on key
"There's just something about your face."

Then you'd call, I could feel your body fall down next to me,
And I wanted us to be fast asleep, closer than anything to me,
Like we were home again...

There was just no way to know what was real and what was show
A future unfolding before my eyes, and a past that I could not let go
And how the feeling is so deep
when you're running down the London streets
Like there's nowhere left to go.

Among the faceless dizzy whores, the unimaginable bores,
Evenings stumbling from the pub, mornings shivering on the floor
Then the careless way you say, "Yeah, we were just glad we got to play."
When you're empty to the core.

Then you'd call, I could feel your body fall down next to me,
And I wanted us to be fast asleep, closer than anything to me,
Like we were home again.
I'm so tired of the rain.

This is London, the place where you get lost without a trace
Among the beautiful remains of this shattered human race
All the words that go unsaid, all the sacrifices of the dead,
"We'll fall quietly into the past or we'll just burn the streets instead"
In the clamoring of the crowd, you think, "I'll just stay quiet, instead."

All the fallen dizzy angels crawling through the street,
The pleas of people weary on their feet,
And you're half a world away from me,
As the clouds drown the light.

I wonder where you are tonight.

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"This Is London" as written by Mikel Frans Jollett

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    General Commentthis is probably my favorite song by airborne (if i can narrow it to just one). what a fantastic beat it's got.

    i think the song is about slipping back into relationships that should be dying. getting back with ex-girlfriends more out of ease's sake, or fear's sake, than love's sake. he talks about how shitty he feels in the morning, after they slip back into their rhythm, and how degrading it all feels.

    as for the lyrics, i think a few of em are a little bit wrong.

    here's what i'm hearing:
    "where to begin" (not "where to be brave")
    "it all seems so degrading" (not "and i'll seem...")
    "secretly pray" (not "play")
    "this wine" (not "whine," though since they're homophones this is just interpretation, but mikel talks a lot about alcohol in his songs)
    "again i'm swimming or flying or dying" (not "again i swept me...")
    "this hand, this glove" (not "this glow")
    tinto1123on October 14, 2009   Link
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    My Interpretation
    i know that the interpretations are all about what the lyrics and melody and just general atmosphere of a song means to you, the feeling it gives you that you can't always even articulate, or explain to other people in a way that they will get it. so with that said, this is what i picture this song meaning:
    I picture a guy and a girl that were together and have one of those relationships that had so much history and that they made an indelible mark on eachother's lives, so that everywhere they go, they see things that remind them of eachother and the time they spent together and so when he hears that song or drives by that spot or so on, it makes him miss her and miss the past and miss those memories. and so, like every other time this happens, he shows up at her door, and is asking can he come in so they can talk about them, because he misses her so much and can't rememeber why they broke up etc etc etc
    and so, like countless times before, she lets him in and they end up getting caught up in the memories and the moment, and he spends the night, like every other time before. and them being together reminds them of their past and they love it, but secretly they're both praying "like they're mourning the dead" --whether they know that they're praying that it won't go the same way again, or whether its one of those times when you can't stop yourself from desperately praying but you're not really exactly sure why....
    then they wake up the next morning and they suddenly remember how this scenario always goes: after the nostalgia has worn away they realize that thats all it was--just nostalgia. they tried to be together and now they remember clearly why it didn't work out. and it leaves them feeling even worse than before.
    so i think the part where he's saying "darling don't let me in" its like him in his sane mind--when he's NOT pleading with her in her doorway to let him in cause he misses her so much or when he DOESN'T see something that makes him miss their past and the idea of "eachother"--its when he can see clearly that starting the whole vicious cycle is a bad idea and will just always cycle the same way and end in more pain for them both. its kinda like him saying "when i show up at your door, like we both know i will, no matter how much i plead and beg and seem like i want to be let in....don't let me in. because thats not what i want. i may think that what i want, at that time, but when it all wears off and i can think clearly again, i'll be glad we didn't put eachother through that again. so, darling, don't let me in."
    meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeon November 17, 2011   Link
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    General Comment:O <3

    this song... its so good.
    gabort3000on October 11, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI love ATE, and pretty much every other lyrics site butchered the lyrics to hell. I was about to punch a wall but remembered that this site is actually good.

    Thanks. Also I agree with all of the changes made by tinto.
    rmccluskeyon July 04, 2010   Link
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    Lyric CorrectionStanding at your doorway
    my stomach all tangled and tight
    wrecked in the worst way
    oh God where are you tonight?

    Cause i don't know what I'm doing here
    where to begin
    just take one deep breath
    oh darling don't let me in.

    A thousand times we've said
    "I'm sorry, it's over again"
    I can't live like this,
    feel like this in my own skin

    It all seems so degrading
    in the morning such sin
    your face just like a child
    oh darling don't let me in.

    And we laughed just like children
    we're wading in sheets on your bed
    while we secretly pray
    like we're mourning the dead

    And you tell me you're so weary
    I know, I'm weary too
    you hold back a tear
    oh darling what are we to do?

    And the wine
    And the rain
    And the feel of your skin
    Against mine
    I'm swimming, I'm flying, I'm dying
    This face
    This fear
    Just stay with me, please stay with me my dear
    This hand
    This glove
    This only thing I love.

    This losing (x12)
    This endless losing love
    meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeon November 18, 2011   Link

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