Well you started off, you were flying in the air
Drunk without a care, on the love of somebody out there
And your heart did pound, every time you’d hear the sound
Of your true love queened and crowned, and the flowers were smelling like heaven
And there were walks in the dark, there were kisses in the park
And proverbial sparks, that always precede failure
And your heart did fly, and your soul was telling lies
And you never asked why, this couldn’t all last, forever

And there were, granted wishes and heartbreaking bitches
And a world too inanimate to grab you by your britches and say
That you don’t ever want to be in love, again

There were days in the sand, we just kissed and held hands
Dreamed utopic foreign lands, where we’d live together, forever
And time was a blur, punctuated with a stir
It was always cause of her, and always was never enough
You start thinking about, all the times you’ve spent without
It begets a seed of doubt, in the clockwork peach in your soul
And your memories bleed, and your pulse is gaining speed
All these thoughts are a disease, and poetry’s one of the flesh

[Chorus x2]

And now the world seems strange, all your thoughts are rearranged
You’re feeling quite estranged, oh I hate remembering vacation
And you’re distorting pictures and dislodging fixtures
And creating mixtures of truth and reality
And now your heart’s palpitating, as your world’s disintegrating
You begin to start hating, the things that make life... life

And every time you dream of better
All you end up getting is worse
And the ability to truly see the changes in your life
Could be the ultimate encompassing curse
But intrinsically humanity cannot end on such tragedy
So here it is the silvery verse, that I must sing

That there are prom night dresses and fairytale princesses
And a world too inanimate to openly confess all its sins
That love’s the...

And there are, prom night dresses and fairytale princesses
And a world too inanimate to openly confess all its sins
But love's the...

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    General Comment
    i'm not sure what this song means, but i really like it. ;]. perhaps it's about thinking of a past love that you know you'll never get back....
    BrianLiebecon September 06, 2009   Link
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    General Comment
    I like the way it sounds.
    xmakesherflyxon March 21, 2011   Link
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    General Comment
    It is the pattern of love. You start out in the beginning completely in love with rose colored glasses. After a little while you begin to doubt, and have thoughts that begin to destroy the relationship. Eventually it has become something ugly, and destructive. They are singing about the pattern of love. I really like this song.
    ashnarfon July 22, 2011   Link

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