(backwards talking)

Woke up again all alone.
Just me and my broken soul.
I ain't got nowhere to go,
i can't ? can't even smoke & so..
I eat pills cuz they calm me down.
I'm in deep and i'm startin to drown.
So lost, & i won't be found, until they find
me bloody dead in the fucking ground.
And now, i dont know where to go.
Seems like everything i've tried just
gets me nowhere, i dont care, sick of that
hateful stare. Where.. the fuck did you go?
Your so lucky i didnt lose control.
I wanna rip out your soul through a bullet
hole in your chest. I'm depressed. Yeah..

The best thing about pain for me.
Is that it always straight changes me.
I'm in a place where i hate to be, nobody's
savin me. An early grave would be just fine.
Cuz my time has come, and my mind is done. I
can't find noone. Cuz i tried to run? When i
die my son, realize i've come to realize the best
thing about PAIN.

Yeah. Watch me fade away. Everything is gray on my
darkest day. I pray and pray, still never feel safe.
Addicted to the pain and i'll never change. Wait.
Don't go. Go slow. Control. No soul. She's gone.
And i'm wrong for all the love i give. I don't wanna
live. So gimmie that razor blade. Bright red colors of
my dripping rage. Holes in the wall. My downfall. ?? & hell
hear my call. HELP ME give me my life back. Cuz my mind's
so black. The darkness is fact. Don't make me react.
Somebody's gettin fuckin stabbed. Yeah..

(chorus) x2

'Bring the pain' is what everybody be sayin. But
i aint playin. if you prayin pass away? please take
me away! Ready to take it, fuck it. Put one in my chest
today. And put me to rest aint no tellin what happened
when i felt the pain. I feel so alive when the world
falls down, i'm keepin it wicked, dont fuck around. cant
fuck with the dead in the ground now. Now to the face in
stress be kickin me out? Keepin the strength fo sho, no
dro'll bring the clouds. You cant hurt whats been crushed
so many times. It's been a joke to rhyme about my fucked
up life. So fuck any pain that you've given men is straight.
I contemplate on how many times i can stab your fucking face.
relate one time for all them kids in the street (yeah). a
thousand beasts for all the wrongful deceased. I got a little
time before i feel my last hurt, so ima fuck the whole world
up before i'm dead in the dirt. So fuck pain.

(chorus) repeat until end


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