"Lotta Boot Left to Fill" as written by Jeremy N. Spillman and Eric Church....
Get-ups, gimmicks
One-hit wonders that don't stick
Pretty boys, acting tough
Boy bands give it up
And if it looks good on TV, it'll look good on a CD
Shape it up, trim 'er down, who gives a damn 'bout how it sounds?

I don't think Waylon done it that way
And if he was here he'd say "'hoss, neither did Hank"
I ain't dogging what you're doing but boys, come on let's get real
Yeah, you still got a lotta boot left to fill, aah

You say you're the real deal
But you play what nobody feels
You sing about Johnny Cash
The man in black would've whipped your ass

And I don't think Waylon done it that way
And if he was here he'd say "'hoss, neither did Hank"
I ain't dogging what you're doing but boys, come on let's get real
Yeah, you still got a lotta boot left to fill, aah!

And so, so long till I see you again
When you're laying in the bargain bin

I don't think Waylon done it that way
And if he was here he'd say "'hoss neither did Hank"
I ain't dogging what you're doing but then again, hell yes I am
I just don't give a damn
'Cause you still got a lotta boot left to fill
Yeah, I guess we all got a lotta boot left to fill

Oh, that's right!

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"Lotta Boot Left To Fill [Live at Denny Sanford Premier Center]" as written by Jeremy Spillman Eric Church

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    General Commentwho is he talking about? he sure is talkin some trash bout someone...I hope hes not talkin about Jason Aldean cause of his Johnny Cash song...
    flattopwillon April 21, 2009   Link
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    General Commenti'm pretty sure he is talking about jason aldean. i could be wrong but i'm sure he is. he's talking about all the pretty boy country/pop guys out there on the radio and on cmt and all. all the guys who the music industry created that don't write their own songs and sing whatever is put in front of them just to sale some records. they will never fill the boots of the legends like johnny cash and hank williams and merle haggard. they don't have what it takes. unlike guys who actually DO have REAL talent and who aren't trying to fit into the mold. like eric church or jamey johnson for instance. they are REAL musicians and artists, not some cookie cutter country/pop boys.

    now that i am done with that rant. this song is GREAT! way to go eric!
    gustava1986on June 08, 2009   Link
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    General CommentIn reference to Boy Bands- He's referring to Rascal flatts, Ok Flatts have good music, but lets face it, hair gel, designer clothes are not COUNTRY nor is alot of there music. And thats what Church is saying.

    He is talking about Aldean, Looking back Aldean started with good music, and you even in aldeans music you faintly hear the sound of the fiddle or steel guitar in his sad songs. But he is turning "pop" look at him on stage, Church is referencing that certain song due to the nature of it, its barring heavy electric guitars, and massive drum blows, and talking about "Johnny Cash".... the pieces don't fit. Aldean on stage puts on a good show, but are his skin tight designer jeans, $1000 cowboy boots that have never seen anything but concrete and the satin Italian sheets on his fancy tour bus really country. No. Looking at Churches music, he references the real aspects of country life, the ones that live that life style, thats why he's more relatable. Listen to Eric's "These Boots"

    Now people will argue, Church doesnt know what legend's Cash, Waylon and Hank feel about this because they are not here to give there opinion, BUT others are ****(Listen to Murder on Music Row)*** a duet between George Strait, Alan Jackson and George Jones about how these new pop stars have gotten away with Murder down on Music Row. The song speaks how these Legends feel about the new pop-country stars.

    And another one thats not direct to Music, but to the times we live in, how the worlds going to hell and you want another Legends opinion- Listen to "Are the good times really over for Good"- Merle Haggard
    MurderonMusicRowon September 04, 2009   Link
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    General Commentyou're right gustava, church and johnson are about the only country on the radio worth listening to. all other good country you have to search far and wide to find, but most of it is coming out of texas nowadays. check out the song leaving tennesse by cross canadian ragweed if you want to hear a good f nashville song, literally. by the way, murderonmusicrow, flatts absolutely does not make good music let's get that clear. jackson in the 90's was bada$$ but he sounds like everyone else now. radio country is so sh!tty it's unbelievable. aldean is not country, never was. i love this song. what a slap in the face to nashville.
    rickyk06on November 03, 2009   Link
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    General CommentThe word is that this song was originally thought up when Church was on tour with Rascal Flatts and they asked him to change his show to fit with theirs better. Church refused and subsequently he was dropped for the remaining 8 tour dates. He then played free shows on the same night in the same towns as Rascal for those 8 dates to give his fans a chance to still see him play.
    BKiss21on July 28, 2010   Link
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    General Commentthe9513.com/eric-church-has-carolina-on-his-mind/

    interview with Eric Church. The song was written in 2003 shortly after the death of Johnny Cash and was not written about anyone specific. It is a general observation of what is considered popular
    redsoxrue124245on July 31, 2010   Link
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    My OpinionEric Church completely takes Waylon out of context on the following line.

    "I don't think Waylon done it that way
    And if he was here he'd say Hoss neither did Hank"

    If you listen to "Are You Sure Hank Done it This Way?", Waylon is referring to himself. He's not ripping other artists for doing it differently, he even says at one point in the song, "We've been the same way for years, we need to change".

    I enjoy most of Eric Church's music, but I find this song to be condescending and because he fails to show that he understands the meaning of a song that he's quoting, he ironically falls into the category of guys he's referring to in the song.
    njreeseon January 11, 2013   Link
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    My OpinionI think it took a lot of guts for Eric to record a song like this. He is being honest when he sees that today's country artists are some chachi preppy pretty boys who sound more pop and are trashing the country genre and I think Eric nailed it right on the button with this song.
    harderman61on May 26, 2013   Link

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