Free Association
Psycho Fucking Pricks
The Art Of Becoming Is The Beginning Of The End
Bastard Child From A Rabid Bitch
Suicidal Tendencies Born High Risk

Go To Town With A Pump Gun Up Your (Cunt)
Ak-47 92 Beretta
Don't Give A Good God Damn What You Think Of Me Or What I Do

H&K Mp5
Smith & Wesson Model 29
Sps Glock 17
A One Man Army I Was Born To Be

Do It For Kicks - Show & Tell
Do It For Fun - Shotgun Shell
Do It For Love - Raise Hell
Like Hand In Glove
Me And My Gun

No Prior Violation
Let Thy Will Be Done
Give Praise To This Motherfucking White Trash Scum
Without Provocation
Kill Anyone
Ready For Action
Whatever May Come

You Can Blame It On The Media
Circus For The Stars
Music Movies Or The Man In Mars
But I Am What I Am
Just As Before
No Fear Or Remorse
Evil To The Core

I Hate Monday Tuesday Wednesday Everyday Always
Just An Ordinary Girl At War With The Everyday World

Now Listen Up Kid
It Aint Cool To Shoot Up Your School!

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    General CommentThis was just selling out pure and simple. It has no real statement about school shootings. It appeals to a sick fanbase they know they have (not all of their fans but you have to admit that alot of kids obsessed with E/D are into this music and they are willing to exploit that clearly) the last part seems like it was just thrown in to avoid controversy.
    derelixon September 05, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI have to agree with derelix here.

    KMFDM didn't cause Columbine or encourage it. But now they can capitalize on it by stringing a bunch of gun names together and making it rhyme.

    "Sucks" was tongue-in-cheek. This song is just kind of stupid. If they're going to write about this kind of thing, I wish they'd do it artistically.
    Pinionon May 16, 2010   Link
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    General Commenteh...i like's just a fun song. Simple as that.
    p609on February 11, 2011   Link
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    My OpinionThe rest of the comments seem to thik this song has something to do with columbine and vodka and reb. But it doesn't. It's nothing
    Scentless_apprentice67on February 25, 2016   Link
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    General CommentOops I accidentally pressed submit too quick. Anyway heres what I was saying. It's nothing at all to do with Dylan and Eric or columbine. It's actually about the 1993 Michael Douglas film "Falling Down"
    "a one man army I was born to be"
    That's about the main charachter D-Fens. He was a normal man who just wanted to get home to his daughters birthday party on time(he wasn't meant to be around his wife or kid.because she left him).
    On his journey he smashes up a store because the prices are too high, steals guns from a Mexican gang, shoots up a telephone box and goes into whammy.burger and tried to order breakfast but it's three minutes past there time to serve breakfast so he pulls out a gun. Throught the film he does things like this until at the very end he pretends to pill put a gun (actually a water gun) in front.of a cop so the cop shoots him. Suicide by cop. Anyway this song is about falling down because it also says "just an ordinary girl at war with the every day world. " thats the main thing on.the posters for.falling.down. Except it's "just an ordinary man at was with every day world. "suicidal tendencies born high risk" thats bill.
    " go to town with a pump gun" notice it doesn't say school? Because it's not and reb! It's about bill foster (dfens).
    "ready for action, whatever may come"
    If you just go and watch falling down you will realise nearly every line in.this song.matches up with it. Except for the.ending "now.listen up kids, it ain't cool to.shoot up your school "
    I think that was thrown in because the song could easily be misunderstood by Columbine obsessives and they would think it was about school shootings because hey its kmfdm's about guns.'s not! It's bout Bill foster. It's about falling down.
    Scentless_apprentice67on February 25, 2016   Link

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