The landlord's a cut throat
We've gotta calm down before he wakes
Now I'm trying to breathe right
I'm closing my eyes in hope she disappears

She crying an ocean about me
I tell her
Lock it up

And that's when the dish breaks
I swear to God it was the loudest bang
She's holding a pistol
And goddamn I bet she never felt so
She's shaking like a nine millimeter
And I tell her
Rat tat tat

Now I'm living for the rest of my life tonight
And I kissed her neck and I hugged her tight
No need to jump through the window
You know I'm a sucker for crescendos

I begged her to tell me that she loved me the same
She shook her head and said she'll never love again
I made a dash to the window
Fuck it, I'm gonna kill the crescendo

So it goes,
So it goes.
In heaven so it goes

Everybody knows
How far the rabbit goes:
A clone of copied xerox
From the hanger in his throat
I gathered up my evidence
I threw on my winter coat
A black cat crossed my path
And then I saw his ghost

Stand still.
Can't you
Stand still.
I can
I can't beat your case of bad blues unless you tell me you love her still.

And I could see it meant more to him than anything had before
He shook his head in horror and said "Now I love her more."

And as he hit the window he stopped to say "Goodbye"
She was running towards him with the devil in her eyes

He fell
Face first
Ten floors
With her
On top of him beautifully
Dancing almost
He laughed
She waved
The flag burns
Ship sinks
Both of them smashing and breaking so brilliantly

He was always saying:
"If it's broke it's not worth saving."
Regretfully the irony was never more so fitting
He was always cheating
And she was always dreaming
Of him coming home one day
And tell her that he's leaving

Stand still (can't you)
Stand still (can't you)
You can't avoid the window unless you leave the window sill

My blood fills with ice, I thought
Damn how it's nice to feel
Sober and bright I thought, "Goddamn, it's nice!"
My dreams filled with ice,
I thought damn, how it's bright I never
Treated her nice
I should've killed myself twice

...Bad dreams
It was like a bad dream woah

The story of my life:
"Climbing up stairs felt like:
Gripping the ledge
Clearing my head
She pushed me
Over the edge"
(Get your hands off my hands lover)

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    General CommentYeah, I can't understand some things he says here either. In the booklet, a bunch of the lyrics are missing, so if anyone can understand that parts I'm missing post them and I'll edit it.
    jaqlon March 20, 2009   Link
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    My InterpretationI'm wondering whether the 'fall' that takes place in this song represents the figurative fall mentioned in other Trophy Scars songs. i.e. "Jerry's the Name...", "Lesson 3", "Botanicas". Maybe this whole concept story is suppose to represent Jerry's ex-relationship, but of course with a crazy storyline to make it more exciting.

    Can anyone confirm if Jerry cheated on Rachel? and/or if they were married?
    Yeedilon March 20, 2009   Link
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    My Interpretationi think its

    Now I'm living for the rest of my life tonight
    And I kissed her neck and I hugged her tight
    Now I need to jump through the window
    You know I'm a Sucker for crescendos.

    ipodlesson March 22, 2009   Link
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    General CommentIf anyones read the short story "You kissed lilly" from charles bukowski, it seems like there's a lot of references to it in here
    chaloon March 22, 2009   Link
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    My OpinionGives me goosebumps.
    criminologyon March 25, 2010   Link

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