Stuck in your world of make believe, it is you who fails
You seek guidance from all the wrong places
You let the words on a page dictate your life
You are so blinded by these lies that you never take the time to figure out who you truely are
I will never be one of those misguided fools
His blood was shed?
Supposedly for the sake of mankind
Its time to open your ears to the truth
His blood was shed ?(x2)
It's nothing but a fairy tale
Some ink on a page, some ink on a page
I know the truth
So close that book, so close that book
Never again
Get caught in the story
Never again
I will never be one of those misguided fools
But your world of lies is your home
We are on our own
I make my own choice
No one is taking credit for my story
The masses are blind
Blinded by faith, leading them on
No one controls my destiny
No one, no one but me
I know the truth, we are on our own

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    General CommentThese are some neat lyrics. Seems like alot of Jesus-following people tell me how he 'died for me' i'm a sinner and i'm lucky he saved me...yet instead of feeling uplifted, i feel guilty and ashamed of who i am. then i look at their little bumper sticker that reads: "WWJD?" And i wonder...would Jesus want to give us a guilt trip? Shame us into some obligated feeling of peace? Or would he help us each find our unique truth that lifts us up?

    The lyrics "his blood was shed, its nothing but a fairy tale, some ink on a page..."

    I think by fairy tale it means that its literally just a story.
    By fairy tale it means look at it metaphorically: Writers sometimes say they 'bled ink on a page', maybe the writers of the bible noticed how Jesus would endlessly write and journal, deep from his heart all his knowledge he had, painfull deep writing. So the Bible writers say that he "shed his blood for mankind".

    KyleGrazeron November 02, 2009   Link

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