I get's no realer than these imposters in your face
You seem like a nice kid, beware of the monsters that you chase
I've chased my tail, through Adam Smith's greatest plantation
And when they mock me, diss on my creation
If your not Disney Club enough, reality can break your strive
Son, it's not defined by who they offend and why
If you know your enemies, you know yourself
If you have no enemies, you're nobody
Better to be nobody than every man, I'm not like you
I talk with my hands and avoid them on a molecular level

These are tears of the machines of the gods
Couldn't be any worse even world was...
These are the tears of the machines of the gods
Couldn't be any worse even if the world was gone

You're either with me or against me, either stone me or defend me
You can exude demons daily, but still feel not empty
Christian lady at Pizza Hut - you say "God had his hands on me"
I wonder if he still does?
If he is he must be strangling me with his magnifying glass
Pointing fire at my feet, "I love the way you dance and you cry, while you're dying the street"

I try to write topical songs, but ideas, they rain on me
When I think about life it's good, if you don't care about anything
No pigs in my blood, only the cold taste of rain
Refreshing until my teeth fall out, determined to live life on these terms
Many will burn to their closeness, seek not to die of heroin overdosses
Caught a few rides with vultures when I needed a plane
And where we fell, even the rocks forgot our names
Used to be a big mouth ego-maniac, never listened a lot
When I visit the Arab world, we'll throw a bomb into the parking lot
Want to live on the edge, not get sucked into the abyss looking for life in the cracks of the walls
You could say I drift between this world and one we've already destroyed
Up to my neck in confusion, or is it lava?

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Sound of Head on Concrete song meanings
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