"Stealing Tomorrow" as written by and Anthony Dekker....
is this place shaking, or is it me?
what can "i feel" mean without you?
and everything become more true
the more that i believe in you
stealing tomorrow

i don't care what you think
gonna take it away
while i am stealing tomorrow from today
stealing tomorrow from today
stealing tomorrow from today
take it away

and i built this all around me
i refuse to let anyone through
oh no, not even you
oh no no, not even you
oh no no no, not even you

and it's like someone else is driving
like this body isn't mine
changed myself without even telling you
or even asking and i need relief
'cause i can't be sober and win you over
i relayed my temperature
you have to get out of here
and you don't even know half of it
i cannot turn it off
i don't have a switch for that
and haven't crash landed yet
haven't crash landed yet

stealing tomorrow from today

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    General CommentGreat lyrics about anyone who is closed to inter-personal relationships, for whatever reason.....self-destructive behaviour, past abuse, people who "move too fast". It takes too much for these personalities to give completely of themselves. They know they need interaction with others to make themselves whole, so much that they give others permission to complete them, but tend to chase them away....fear of failure/success. "you have to get out of here"
    Wackycanuckon August 25, 2009   Link
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    General Commentsome lyrics are slightly incorrect...the 1st verse is "WHY can't I feel, mean without you?", the 3rd verse is, "And i built this WALL around me"...and the last verse is,

    'Cause i can't be sober and win you over
    And relate my temperature
    I have to get out of here
    And you don't even know half of it
    I cannot turn it off, I don't have a switch for that
    I haven't crash landed yet, haven't crash landed yet
    Stealing tomorrow from today

    This is one of my favourite songs, the sound and words are beautiful. I believe this song is about not being able to become close to anyone in a relationship and buliding walls to keep people out...and it's like no one can understand this problem or attempt to stay long enough to make the walls crumble. "Why can't I feel, mean without you?" is such a beautiful line, because this person can't ask his or herself why they cannot feel without someone else trying to make them feel...feeling is meaningless without someone.
    mywordsareweaponson August 02, 2010   Link
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    General CommentThis song is about the experience of taking psychoactive drugs (most likely LSD) and having a bad trip out of it. Some of the lines that alludes to this interpretation are:

    1. "Everything become more true the more I believe in you" (One of the most recurring effect of a bad trip is intense paranoia, in which the subject believes that their perception of reality is the absolute truth and refuses anything that says otherwise)

    2. "And I built this wall around me, I refuse to let anyone through" (A person who is experiencing a bad LSD trip is prone to self-isolation, a side effect of the paranoia mentioned above)

    3. "And it's like someone else is driving. Like this body isn't mine" (Need I say more?)

    4. "I cannot turn it off, don't have the switch for that" (The subject could not handle the trip but is unable to stop it at will)

    5. "We haven't crash landed yet" (The subject has yet to come down from his trip at this point)

    The line "Stealing Tomorrow" is ambigous at best, but it can be interpreted as how someone rob themselves of their tomorrow by taking said drugs today (hence "stealing tomorrow from today")

    bambang110on July 18, 2016   Link
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    Song MeaningIt's about being an alcoholic and refusing to let anyone let you help, destroying your life.
    Blaze_Infernuson September 12, 2017   Link

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