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He says I'd like to turn myself
As he stares into the windowpane
And if only I could be myself
But I'm sure you'd do the same to me

I was only a guest that she wanted
It was more than that that he flaunted

It's away, to you
Away, to you

So I pleaded, she needed to be herself
And he dipped me into his wishing well
At any moment, any moment the sounds of the midnight train
Will be the mating call of his whippoorwill

Should he wait 'cause his father drinks too much
Had his paint thinner laced with his sleeping pills

He'll find a way, to you
Away, to you

So he dreamed away

From these small streets,
And to where they lead
And the holes that bleed,
From where he beats me,
'Cause of these stained sheets
Lets dream away

And from my small tower,
Every hour, seemed to take the day
And so she dreamed away

Oh baby don't you think that you're good enough?
Baby, don't you think that you're bright enough?
Baby, don't you think that you're good enough?
Baby, don't you think that you're good enough?
Don't you think that you think that you're good enough, for you?

Lyrics submitted by ab0ve

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    General CommentAwesome! I can't believe that this band isn't popular in the U.S. Wow, it just goes to show you how screwed up music is today. I went to see them in Louisville, Ky but got kicked out. I hate that, the next time they come around I'll be there. Anyway the new album "GOODBYE to the MACHINE" is going to be awesome. I've only heard three songs but already I know it will be great. The album art is kickass, reminds me of a tribute to Pink Floyd. Goodbye to the machine.

    Well to me this song has multiple levels. The indicator of a good song. I think this has to do with a boy and a girl. The boy is the main character. Well the boy and girl love each other; boy live in a hell. The girl is abused by her father and the boy's isn't better he drinks and beats him. Every hour seems to take the day. They dream about a better place or getting away. The ending is him pleading to her that she is good enough.

    Now, I don't think they necessarily are together but share an experience. They dream together, for a better place.
    diamondblu7on March 18, 2009   Link
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    General Commentand he dipped into his wishing well. i dont here a "me" in there, and from "her" small tower it is.

    lol sorry Ab0ve i dont mean to pick apart :P just bored

    well done on getting lyrics out so fast!!
    forever smackedon March 31, 2009   Link

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