"Mama, I'm Satan" as written by Tim Kasher, Matthew Ryan Maginn and Ted James Stevens....
You're going to do what I say
And say what I say
You stretch your peacock feathers
You're always on display
Don't act so goddamned conflicted
You wouldn't have it any other way

You're going to write down these words
And pass them along
You're going to fill your book
With your rights and wrongs
You're going to tell your lurid world
The true intentions of these songs

I'm writing out a confession
Every record I've written has left me smitten
A career in masturbation
All in all we're pawns
The ego of mankind stirs in us all

You want to wipe that slate
And start all over again
You want to hide your face
In shame of what your grandpappy did
Pretty soon here we'll all be grandfathers
And our offspring will sing the same shit

The world was built on ego
It was built on slaves
The world was built on a tickle
Between our legs
Come on, you big strong man
You wouldn't have it any other way

I'm writing out a confession
My fathers and brothers
Raped your sisters and mothers
We are the sons of butchers
All in all we're pawns
The darkness of mankind stirs in us all

I cast you out
I cast you out
I cast you out
I cast you out
I cast you out
I cast you out
I cast you out
I cast you out

I'll drag you out
I'll drive you out
I'll drug you out
I'll tear you out
I'll cut you out
I'll kick you out
I'll push you out
I'll pull you out
I cast you out
I'll curse you out
I'll shut you out
I'll shit you out
I'll clean you out
Grab a rope and hang you out to dry
Now I'll damn you out
I cast you out
I'll shove you out
I'm staying
All in all we're pawns
The darkness of mankind stirs in us all

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"Mama, I'm Satan" as written by Ted James Stevens Matthew Ryan Maginn

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Mama, I'm Satan song meanings
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    General Commentim just gonna say that hes got to believe in God right? its like hes agianst organized.. but then agian he uses the Lords name in vein.. DANGIT

    i love em but i feel so convicted but then agian i dont.. i just love to hear other people's problems especially with spiritual warfare.
    JustAlittleCriticalon May 20, 2009   Link
  • +1
    General Commentthis song is about how our ego and our desire to have our ego's fed is the root of all evil. in particular he talks about male ego and how sexual instinct turned into the systematic oppression of women for most of man's history. he also talks about how evil is cyclical, we blame our ancestors for the atrocities they committed, and then we end up giving into the the same temptations, repeating their mistakes, and passing them on to our children. but he admits that most of the people at the bottom who fall victim to an evil system can't be blamed themselves, they are just pawns. it's the ego's at the top, the people who exploit millions for their own gain and fortune, that should be blamed.
    DCFCAlexon December 06, 2009   Link
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    General CommentAwesome, awesome song. Can't decide between this and "What Have I Done"...

    I think I like this more but the other is better written.
    semanticanticson March 03, 2009   Link
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    General Commentthe guitar before "you want to wipe that slate" reminds me of happy hollow for no good reason. new cursive equals old cursive plus masturbation references, and i love it.
    Disappearon March 09, 2009   Link
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    General CommentThis song is about songmeanings.net
    MrJawbreakingEquilibriumon March 12, 2009   Link
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    General CommentPicking up from the last album of tossing God aside, he's now casting out the devil from within....oh interesting, what a tangled web you wove, I hope the bugs were juicy (for your soul at least).
    XLoveEpiphanyXon April 04, 2009   Link
  • -2
    General CommentFunny how atheist artists waste all of their time writing about a God they don't believe in. Don't they have more important things to write about? For instance, the meaninglessness of life, proving that nothing came from nothing, and figuring out how to believe in an unbelief?
    TheDarkestRed87on July 21, 2009   Link

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