I don't care where you're coming from
I'm never going back
You could beg and you could plead
But I wouldn't recommend that
The day has come
To say my piece
But calm and quiet
I will keep
Your secret's mine
And I won't be the one
To try and raise the dead
So rest your worried head
Remember what I said
You chose to do the things you did back then
And this is just the end
My stranger, not my friend
No you are not my friend
No you are not my friend
I know, I know
About the girls before
I know, I know
What happened on my floor
So stay in Boston, babe
Don't hold your breath
I already forgot we ever met

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Boston (The End pt. II) Lyrics as written by John-allison Weiss


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    General Comment
    I don't know how anyone hasn't commented on this yet... I think this is about finally letting go of the feelings/bitterness she had for this one guy. When they separated/parted ways, they promised they'd stay friends, but he never put forth the effort to make that happen. I'm guessing she did though. She kind of understands his view point, but is still a bit sad about it, and if he's ever ready to be friends again, she'll be waiting.
    abeestingon May 13, 2009   Link
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    Song Meaning
    I think abeesting pretty much got the meaning head on. "fact and fiction fading into one confusing blend" I think that line says a lot. It's how you hae all these memories of the person that were great, but you're not even sure if they were as good as you remember them because the person seems not to care about you anymore. Sometimes you make the memories better than they were. "boy you got it easy leaving starting over fresh abandoning beginnings that you brought to life and left" The first line makes it clear that it was him who left, and he got the easy part of it, because she's the one who has to see reminders of him, and he got to go to a new place where he was able to create a fresh new life. "so pack your bags and say goodbye and call me sometime friend but i don't mind... calling this the end" She's basically saying that if he ever tried to get in contact with her, she'd be welcome to it, but she's accepted that if he doesn't, she's fine with that as well.
    angill973on August 01, 2009   Link
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    General Comment
    i agree with you its a beautiful and sung just the right was as if she doesnt mind its over i cant remember how i came across the song i think it was becuause i was listening to the show by lenka and i tunes recomended it it is i agree about him leaving but sang like it was a joint decision of just falling out of love or maybe he went away with work and they couldnt cope with the long distant relationship they should do a carry on song on this on why he didnt call maybe because he found it hard to be around her after leaving but shed rather have him in her life as a friend than not at all
    lilnavygalon April 03, 2010   Link
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    General Comment
    Definately can relate. Basically she's just explaining to the guy how much of an impact he had on her life, and that although they aren't together or maybe never were she still doesn't mind calling him her friend. He left her, but she forgives him and just wishes everything could be resolved, by saying let's just be friends.
    stars888on May 07, 2010   Link

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