"Carol Brown" as written by Jemaine Atea Mahana Clement and Bret Peter T. Mckenzie....
Loretta broke my heart in a letter
Told me she was leaving and her life would be better
Joan broke it off over the phone
After the tone she left me alone
Jen said she'd never ever see me again
When I saw her again, she said it again

Jan met another man
Liza got amnesia, just forgot who I am
Felicity said there was no electricity
Emily, no chemistry

Fran, ran, Bruce turned out to be a man
Flo had to go, I couldn't go with the flow
Carol Brown just took the bus out of town
But I'm hoping that you'll stick around

He doesn't cook or clean
He's not good boyfriend material
Ooh, we can eat cereal
You'll lose interest fast,, his relationships never last
Shut up girlfriends from the past
He says he'll do one thing and then he goes and does another thing

Who organized all my ex-girlfriends into a choir
And got them to sing?
Ooh ooh ooh, shut up
Shut up girlfriends from the past

Mimi will no longer see me
Brittany, Brittany hit me
Paula, Persephone, Stella, and Stephanie
There must be fifty ways that lovers have left me

Carol Brown just took the bus out of town
Love is a delicate thing, you can't just throw it away on the breeze
He said the same thing to me
How can we ever know if I'm the right person in this world
That means he looks at other girls
Love is a mystery, it does not follow rules
This guy is a fool

He'll always be a boy, hes a man who never grew up
I thought I told you to shut up
Mona, you told me you were in a coma
Tiffany, you said that you had an epiphany

Would you like a little cereal?
Who organized this choir of ex-girlfriends?
Was it you Carol Brown?
Was it you Carol Brown?
Carol Brown just took the bus out of town
But I'm hoping that you'll stick around
Stick around
Stick around
Stick around
Stick around

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"Carol Brown" as written by Jemaine Clement Bret Mckenzie

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    Song MeaningIn contrast to the comment about the song being messy, I'd say that behind the cheeky and funny veneer, it's a startlingly mature song with a very consistent theme.

    At first, we hear this guy talk about how he's been hurt in the past. He plays the saddest violin and croons the last line of the first verse -- "I'm hoping that you'll stick around" -- and reveals a humorous vulnerability and looks like he's got a new girl hook, line, and sinker. As his ex-girlfriends start to reveal his true self (lazy, immature, non-committal) you hear his other lines like "How can we ever know..." and "Love is a mystery..." and you start to think that maybe the whole "X left me..." is just another part of his childish mishandling of relationships. "Would you like a little cereal?" clenches it and reveals the boy hiding behind the facade.

    All of that while still being funny, catchy, and being a soft commentary on the genre of sad men singing for their broken relationships (particularly obvious when taking into account the name-check to Paul Simon's "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover"). A truly well-crafted song.
    eljavion May 30, 2012   Link
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    General CommentMost commenters here get the joke: It's about how guys can even cast their immaturity as a kind of romanticism. Perhaps that's the trap: Once you've decided that your emotional problems are just part of your "local color", fat chance you're going to develop true emotional maturity. Add to this the brilliance of the use of musical idiom to create a striking irony ("romantic" female background vocals telling the awful truth), and you've got a winner!

    What would this song look like if sung by a girl, about her serial relationships with guys looking for a mature relationship?
    razajacon April 05, 2013   Link
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    General Commentmy favorite song from the new season.
    YouKnowStuffon November 17, 2009   Link
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    General Commentahaha classic song :)
    siliconyodaon January 14, 2010   Link
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    General CommentActually this is my favourite Conchords song. Catchy, immature, profound, poignant and funny. Plus the video is fantastic. Wish the show had gone on
    PiKueloon January 27, 2012   Link
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    General Commenti really like this song, but the lyrical composition kinda bugs me. like, at first it's a song about how all these girls leave him, painting the singer as the victim. but then when the girls start singing, all of a sudden he's the guy who is like a jerk and doesn't give a crap in relationships. like, it switches, somewhat haphazardly. the song is supposed to be about "carol brown," and therefore about the hope that she "sticks around," unlike all the other girls. ("there must be fifty ways that lovers have left me." kinda sounds like he's saying he was an unwilling participant in these break-ups.) but then "he loses interest fast, his relationships never last," and especially "how can we ever know we've found the right person in this world?" suggest that he's the one coming up with lame excuses just to get out. as in, they're not leaving him, he's leaving them. so the song has like an identity crisis.

    i know it's a comedy song, but still it should have a steady theme. this just seems like they had a bunch of nonrelated ideas about relationships and decided to put them into one song. the lyrics, by themselves, are clever and witty, but when put together it just sounds forced, even lazy.

    i still like the song, and the conchords. i just think they've got other songs that are much more well written. though this tune is pretty catchy.
    tinto1123on May 03, 2011   Link

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