You know what I been learning how to do?
Been learning how ta. Who said 'What?'
Eh, what!
I'll do it again and you do it again and we'll get a rythym goin'
You know what I been learning how to do?
Root yer mum!
Ha ha ha ha, how fucken funny's my job?
Nah, learn how to say 'Good evening properly' like a professional fair dinkum entertainer
You know like a Tony Barber or someone like. What 'bout old Tony hey?
Thought he was indispensable they fucked Tony off didn't they?
'Oh fuck off Tony try out another dickhead'
You know all those really good blokes like, you know
Glenn Ridge
You know. What's all them blokes?
Larry Emdur
(Ray Martin)
Yeah Ray Martin fuck face! You're not as silly as I thought you were! You're alright fuck face, Ray Martin, Ray Martin, Ray Martin!
I got your Rude ticket a month ago been phoning 'em here every night goin'
Ray Martin, Ray Martin, Ray Martin, Ray Martin, fuck off mate!
Won't even give you an insult, you're about as amusing as a thimble full off canary spoof!
No, no I'll take that back you're alright mate that's who I mean. One of those like Glenn Ridge or bloody Tony Barber, one of those cunts.
I won't keep doin' it, look, watch.
Take it easy like a fair dinkum type of fucken entertainer
'Good Evening Ladies And Gentlemen'
How's that? Hahaha. I'll do it again. I won't keep doin' it
I reckon that's great I like to have been able to do that in my life
'Good Evening, Ladies And Gentlemen'
I'll do it properly
'Good Evening, 'Good Evening'
'Good Fucken Evening'
'Good Evening Ladies an en genemen'
Hungh, hungh, hungh, Hungh, hungh, hungh, Hungh, hungh, fat arses fucken me up
'Good Evening'
There you go, said he'd fucken do it, fucken me up!

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Rats Arse Tour: Good Evening song meanings
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