You know what I, you know what I've been doing lately trendsetters?
I've been going out to the airport. Cos um my brother likes to go out there and find luggage.
He finds all kindsa luggage out there and I thought I'd go out there find some with him.
We went out and found really good red port and cuppla things you know?

And um, you ever been out to the airport and seen those drug dogs sniffin' around?
Lookin' for drugs?
They give em' a lot of drugs, so they want more drugs, and if they didn't give em any drugs they wouldn't know what the fuck they were lookin' for!
And the drugs dogs, you always pick the drug dogs, there the ones with little spoons hangin' around their collars!
And I was out there with me brother, and we found some really good luggage.
And we um, put it in the van and that. And um we come back and we saw this drug dog sniffin' round and he sniffed around in this suitcase and he licked up a couple of trips!
And he went nuts, he thought he was a human!
Thought he was a famous person, thought he was Willie Nelson!
He was wearin' his collar round his head!
On the road again, open the gate now I'm on the road again, I can't wait to sniff some arseholes with some friends!

My dogs been layin' round the house for weeks, no energy or anything and I got the vet. The vet come over and said 'Well he's been dead about a week'
I shoulda known cos I had a cock his leg for him. Had to go next door and root the next door lady's leg. Had to root the lounge and everything for him and ..
Oh I feel sorry for dogs when ah… Cos I got pissed with my brother and um my brother threw up all over my dog!
He looked down said 'Oh, don't remember eatin' that, its only a small dog, its only a dachshund, like a hard-on with legs!'

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