A friend is someone whose not
afraid to tell you that you’ve hurt their feelings
when you picked on them in front of all your other friends
but then again
a friend is someone you can pick on
knowing that its nothing personal
but just a way to make you laugh

a friend is that guy or girl
who wont tell you how to live
but make you question
what your doing with your life
right some friends are black
some friends are white
all colors are alike to friends
who understand that judging color isn’t right

A friend
will share a friend
will care
a good friend
will even spare the last
piece of their pie with
the corner of their chair.

A friend will
cook you soup
rub your temples
when you’re sick under
the weather
sweaty puking poopy down
and feeling dirty

I got a friend who even traded me
an eye when I was scared of going blind
just so we could see the sky together
oh and one time
a friend of mine even sold his bike
knowing that I had no money at the time
we walked together

When I think about it
friends are hard to come by
it seems that judgement always gets in the way of
sunshine and sunsets seen alone are way too difficult to describe
especially when you assume things about them

Those assumptions that you make about
someone you think you know but
then you figure out
that they are nothing but a part of you
projected through a point of view
that you assume as separate
so you think that you’re alone
and they you label it a friendship


See a true friend is someone
that you can use as a tool to figure to
figure out things about your self

A friend will listen
Truly listen to whatever it is you’re
trying to express
I guess that there is the byproduct of Trust
the number one feature of a really good friend

And yes of course they’ll be days
where you’re both stressed out and
you’ll take out anger on each
but it’s okay
you’ll apologize for the mistakes you made
make up and be there for one another

So here we are

me and you
What is it were
suppose to do
I don’t know lets
fly a kite
lets hitch a ride
lets find some food
Whats mine is yours
I know you too
Whats mine is your
I know me too
Lets fight a war-
fight a war
Why not explore

Alright Dude sounds cool

Good friends aren’t to hard to find
Good friends aren’t to hard to find
Good friends aren’t to hard to find
Good friends aren’t to hard to find

So you wanna figure if you have real friends
just ask yourself this question
if the world was coming to an end
could you depend on your friends
to help you prevent it from ending

Good friends aren’t to hard to find
Good friends aren’t to hard to find
Good friends aren’t to hard to find
Good friends aren’t to hard to find

Good friends aren't hard to find

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