I tell it in sorrow that Europe is erased from
The world map. Within the nuclear explosions that
Still go on at the remaining parts of Asia
Show that millions of people will die. World Health
Organization is insufficient and the United Nations
Organization can't take the control to stop the war.
Clouds of nuclear remnants and acid are still
Raining by and destroying forests and all living
Beings. The human race is vanishing and the same
Is the world God save us Please

There is no reason to live a life in this fucking century
People dig each others graves peace disappears from coast to coast
Traces of nuclear remains will lead the way to our race's dissolution

Send in course to end it all
Locked to it's target, secret missile
Send in course Secret missile

No escape the crime's epidemic all will end with a big explosion
Disarmament fakes everyone soon we will end up dead
Annihilated is the embryo premature death of a week's existence
Technological shelter saves a few from this fucking mess

Becomes primitive and mentally moulded soon urged by brutal instinct
Misanthropy end vengeance a cause by this war that's been
If this beings have a chance to live they'll live in artificialition
The trenches are full of corpses cheated innocent bodies lie

Mangled organs in minefields, the battle was to die
The vanishing of our planet, you may hear the cries
With those insatiables leading us we won't die by our wanted fate
Surreptitious, suspicious plans destroyed my life in hate

Warpain, explosions, suffer, and death
I turned my face and looked back to mother earth in sorrow
Said it was a mistake to start a war there'll be nothing left tomorrow
There's no reason to live a life in this fucking century
People dug each others' graves now my souls is in a fury

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    General Commenturkey's pride in heavy metal, Pentagram (known as "Mezarkabul" in the rest of the world) released their 2nd album "Trail Blazer" in 1992. "Secret Missile" is the only video from the album; and maybe the first Heavy Metal video ever shot in Turkey. Pentagram's anti-war lyrics captured most of the mood on Trail Blazer and on their consecutive album "Anatolia".Pentagram recorded Trail Blazer with their ex-guitarist Demir Demirkan. However, right after the recording was completed, Demir moved to Los Angeles to further his musical education at Musician's Institute (MI). In Demir's abscence, Metin Turkcan filled the line-up and appeared on this video. Metin also joined the band for their "Trail Blazer Tour" in 1993.Trail Blazer was recorded in a studio that had no prior experience with any rock or heavy metal recordings. The inexperienced sound editors could not get right tunes for the drums, so the band had to use drum machine on the songs (except for the live recordings)
    sepultura1987on February 03, 2009   Link

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