Y’all know the prophecy, it’s biblical; “from hill to hill”
In between Beacon and Capitol I travel at will
Atop the mount of Crown, send down the edict for the Sea to achieve peace
The townspeople read it and weep
We meet in the streets, a foray of glory and hype
Recitin’ stories and arias of warrior types
An army of light – recreate the Normandy site
Deploy, you appreciate the enormity, right?
This battle hymn of the republic will knock for all my soldiers
The block, that’s where we focus and plot to overthrow this
Echelon, send a message to stop takin’ our vote
This has got to be a joke, ‘cause it’s not what we were told
Is in the promissory note of the draft the forefathers had crafted
Your fathers aint mine, boy – I’m a bastard
I grasp a four-fifth in my palm, I got the right to bear arms
Y’all keep pushin’ me back, I’m ‘bout to blast it
The creed is captured in the prose, my flow’s ominous
And obviously the reason we rose to prominence
We’re documenting history here, the end’s near
The pen, bomb and grenade; the promenade of sincere
My folks rush to grab it and mash at full thrust
The first to have status and pull and hold a flush
For control they go nuts, yo – we’re rollin’ back to Cali
Revivin’ the rush for the gold dust

Yo we crush the precious metal to dust for distribution
All you gotta do is breathe to receive the restitution
Under pressure we become both gems and grown men
It’s a jungle sometimes – wonder why I was thrown in
When my instincts seem to do more harm than good
It’s difficult to defend against steel armed with wood
Maybe I was never meant to be a champion
I’m standin’ downstream pannin’ for ambition to hand in

Necessity was the mother of the invention of my character
The neighborhood good Samaritan holdin’ a Derringer
And darin’ you to thwart my path or try stoppin’
The establishment of armistice, this is the dichotomy
I gotta see the reconciliation take place
My offering for the intercession is burnt sage and a Smith & Wesson
I’m guessin’ God really needs neither
But I must if I’m entrusted as my brother’s keeper
The challenge is discerning fam from adversaries
They move in similar fashion – a real man carries a
Heavier load; shoulders and back bowed
The observation is in the simple conversation you hold

Now look me in the eye and tell me I’m not worthy of favor
The crop would never pay you if not for all our labor
We’re the spine, twisted to sign dots along the waiver
It’s hot where you gon’ stay, I pray God will be your savior
When the fires of propitiation reach the plantation
Thirty lashes in the dirty ashes layin’ the abatement
I’m afraid of laughing, ‘cause shortly after I’ll be facin’ the wrath
I ask for mercy though I’m purposely impassioned
And I’m certain the infraction’s a forgivable offense
When the true lord of this land would never quibble over rent
Wealth proffiteth no man in his last days
These flames will show you what you’re made of… dust

Yo the dust I was born from is this type, this insight is
Helping me to get right, and I need assistance at times
Be the admission disguised behind a pseudonym
I hope to find truth in him before these guys do him in
And what’s a legacy worth next to mined metal, yo
Measure me first – depression, it’s better we work
For change, not for pennies, if anything the commodity traded is us
For flakes of gold dust.

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