August moon, made just for you
A steady ready smile like his
Until it's out of sight

Don't undo the true chance that chooses you
Face to face with a new day
So simple it seems, you dare to dream impossibly
Risky in its rarity, I'm bound to add now

Black and blissful, tumbling
Awake, asleep, it feeds me
Fate will rule you, the heart it fools you
To lose your sanity

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August Moon song meanings
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    General CommentSome lyric corrections:

    "Dawn, and do the true chance that chooses you" = "Don't undo the true chance that chooses you"
    "Whiskey in its rarity, I'm bound to add now (?)" = "Risky in its rarity, I'm bound to it now"

    Ta for submitting this song. :)
    MayaMooon June 06, 2009   Link
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    General CommentHis smile disappears (symbolizing the momentary bliss in their relationship)
    New start–irrationally positive outlook/expectations
    Risky but satisfying outlook–intuition that things will not turn out well
    Her depression in the relationship presents familiar nourishment because of its constant presence
    A routine in which she is in a melancholy relationship
    Her repeated emotional undoing is eating at her again and again
    sarahforreston October 31, 2011   Link
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    My OpinionI'm categorizing this as 'My Opinion', because the following is an interpretation of the song that specifically refers to a correspondent difficulty I have witnessed and undergone in my young, discreet, concept and ideal of love and musical expression.

    The song, to me, is someone singing to another someone that they are, in a sense, leaving behind.

    (My opinion and interpretation revolve around the concept of homosexual orientation, so if this bothers you, please do not read my comment)

    --A girl singing to a girl.

    'August moon, made just for you
    a steady ready smile I kiss
    Until it's out of sight'

    The singer took the younger girl under her wing, in a sense, and gave her the world, and the kissing bit is actually a metaphor; she never actually laid a kiss on the other girl she's singing to-- the kiss is a representation of the impact she had on the girl's life: a hand-print on her heart. 'Until it's out of sight', she'll do what she can until time severs them apart.

    'Don't undo the true chance that chooses you
    Face to face with a new day'

    The younger girl is struggling with confidence, and even when something seems to 'choose' her, and is right in front of her face, she seems to always mentally unravel and over-think the situation, seemingly 'undoing' the value of the chance that she had taken for granted, until the new day comes, and the opportunities she had to spend time with her love was inevitably gone.

    'So simple it seems, you dare to dream impossibly
    Risky in rarity, I'm bound to it now'

    The small concept of love had wrecked the younger girl so much that she ventured it further, and complicated it, bringing it to the extent and mass in which it truly was all along, but she really couldn't love the girl singing the song, due to the sin of homosexuality, and the singer realizes the other girl's impossible dreams, so then watches the younger girl fall apart as she understands that all it'll ever be is an unachieved and unachievable dream. The risk involved in the rare homosexual feelings cause a sudden instinct for the singer to pursue the younger girl, to find out about it, and to help her-- 'bound to it'; bound to find the answer.

    'Black and blissful tumbling
    Awake, asleep, it feeds me
    Fate will rule you
    The heart, it fools you
    To lose your sanity'

    The younger girl does have moments of 'bliss', of pleasure and fulfilled sinful lust in the arms of the singer, but even when they're separated from each other, the younger girl's love refuses to cease, and 'awake, asleep', her thoughts are like rivers and streams, which all feed into the thought and love for the singer, who finally declares the younger girl's fate-- the love that the younger girl has for the singer is going to be her fate-- her heart is peeling away from righteousness through homosexuality, and fooling her to believe that it's okay to be with another girl, and her sanity is seemingly lost by the notion of her own wrong love.

    So, in the end, this song is about a girl who has fallen into distress, and instead of reaching out to her, the very girl the younger girl loves doesn't even know that she is the one who shot the arrow into her heart and destroyed her spirit, whilst introducing an undaunted love, hope, and dream at the same time.
    grmnchocltclloon August 04, 2014   Link

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