[Chorus X2: Father MC (N-Tyce)]
Baby can I get ta know ya? (Sure ya right)
Can I get a little love? (Can you last all night?)
Baby gotta it goin on (That's what they all say)
You're the one I'm thinkin of (Uh huh, uh huh)

I played the background, then I found
Everytime I jump, another brother want to get down
Is it because I'm on the scene making jammies
They see a star, now they want to get the panties
It ain't because of who I am, it's what I be
Only diggin' what I got above my knee
Just chill and keep it on the real, yo
I'm a chick who knows the deal, yeah

[Chorus X2]

You got a mind for only flexing and sexing
Steady trying to step in my direction
I got it going on, but not conceited
You lookin good, might as well say you got me heated
I be the chick known to cheat
So if you under the sheets, would you let me take a peek?
I gotta check where your head's at, is it in the bed sack?
If you try to touch, you get your head cracked
You want a one night stand? (Nah baby)
It doesn't even matter, cuz I ain't that type of lady
Things be getting hectic, but I'm respected
Maintain a good reputation through the nation
So what you want to do? Flirt? I'ma be the one
But if you lookin for a trick, yo, don't even come
Keep your distance, and I'ma keep mine
But if you want a good time, everything's fine

[Chorus X2]

[N-Tyce (Father MC)]
(Baby got it goin on in the background) I got it goin on, I got it goin on
(Baby got it goin on in the background) I got it goin on, I got it goin on
Now as I continue on the topic
I got a black book, plus mad numbers in my pocket
So I'ma chill, lay back and all that
Yo Father, why don't you ease on the track?

[Father MC]
It's time to ease up, squeeze up, get my game on
Ain't nothing wrong, we're gettin it on
I been watchin you for a while, N-Tyce
Father knows who's naughty or nice
And for a fact, you attract my manhood
Understand my needs, please, baby, it's all good
I just wanna get to treat you right
On the dl, I wanna hold you tight

[Chorus X3]

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