"Follow The Pace" as written by and Tony Joe/payne White....
Yeah. Ya-eah. Lo-oh

Well if you follow di pace an' ya know
say ah we ah run di place, oh yes.
An' in dis danchall ting
ya know we always ah deal wit di case, yeah.

Follow the Pace, Follow the Pace
Follow the Pace, alright, Follow the Pace.
Just let your mind be free and maybe you can follow we
Follow the Pace

Fly ta get dem press ah dub
den ball
Born Jamericans won di case again
cause in this world of pirates
we still uh originate
collect di gals who start off new trends
dem nevah know say ah we have deh title
dem nevah know say ah we own deh cup
one day when a darkness come to light
when we touch up di mic
people get up, promoter feed off of dat
dive inna di leer jet ta head to di next spot
tours behind tours
gettin ah stowed by deh steward
collect from deh rich and give back to deh poor
dollas guaranteed feh sure

so if you follow the pace an' ya know
say ah we ah run deh place, oh yes.
An' in this danchall ting
ya know we always ah deal wit deh case, oh yes. x2

When me step inna deh place
dem mek way an give me space
Cutty Nossom is a rapper wit a pretty boy face
when me spot deh sexy gal
me have no time to waste
all dem she ah , likkle
me jus hold her by deh hand an me leave wit'out a trace
get di keys to me car & I'm gwan ah to my pla-a-ace
You know di place, a very comfortable place
A place where di chocolate mints stay upon di pillow case
Before I leave I gotta hail up meh ace
An show him seh me down fi go deal wit' ah case
Dem put me on, around di gal pick me waist
Den me gaan inna ace...SAY!


All man easy, everything kinda mellow
Edley Shine ?? dat ah me dat fellow
Takin' off from deh start we called it BJ inc.
Shining from the world like a fresh piece of mink
I was baan in April but was Christened in May
Sure I want to see dat bright an' future day
When I can find a big house on deh coast of JA
Tell deh devil go to hell an leave deh USA
Cause babylon ?? sure is fallin' down
An' ????? and deh don't make a sound
Dis dancehall due, we goin' pound for pound
People make deh world go round


Follow the pace as we take the lead
Show the rest that we can succeed
Follow the pace as we proceed to give you what you need
Follow the pace, yeah, Follow the pace

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