And in the manner, in which I was told and foretold many stories
There’s a letter you wrote, “dear old love” in the title, that I’m holding
It was left on my desk, in the mess of the current events
Beneath the cluttered sheets, I thought I noticed a ghost, it’s a good thing I approached

Last night I rode my bike fifteen miles from here and I felt like the wind washed off some of my hope
Fine, if we can’t
Be the same word,then
Maybe we can each have
One extra letter

There used to be days when I’d wake up and I’d like me
But now that’s all gone, I’m on farther than I thought
I’ve tried to leave this hotel, like the two times last year
But you know I can’t do it, of all people, you know.

How many times have you given away everything
But not once have you gotten everything back
I guess I’m just growing increasingly more convinced that
There’s something wrong with the way that I dream
I’m sorry that I don’t blame you for a hurricane
Let alone for a gust of wind from below
It’s just unsettling to know that we could be this wrong
No, it’s nothing dramatic, there’s no blood on the snow

It’s just, I feel like a song, that escaped from a prison down South Minnesota, Dakota, I feel
And through the branches I hear a familiar sound, don’t you know it – I heard it somewhere before
And I want to go back, I’ll be dragged there, please drag me somewhere – I don’t care, I really don’t care
Do you know where to go, don’t go anywhere at all, just stay here and let’s wait for our love to return, like a boar in the woods, it won’t touch us at all, for as long as we gave more than we took, and we made sure of that, didn’t we? Didn’t

Most of the time I spend on my own, I’m either thinking aloud or thinking about -
That’s how I’ll start, I’ve been doing some thinking, and listen
I’ve never seen a pair of shoes this tricky.
They fit, made of leather, I know you don’t like that, but the laces are white and the heels will last long
And the fronts will be good for running in the rain, don’t we have cinematic scenes in this film?

But ever since I can remember, I’ve been biting my tongue,
and I was told that a treasure awaits those who do,
And now my feet are too big, I can’t fit in these shoes,
but you bought me this gift, so I keep my mouth shut.
And maybe if I wait long enough, and the treasure drops itself centre on the top of my head, I’ll run straight to the store, barefoot, but no more
will I be, once I buy the same pair, one size up.

So why’d you leave me like this, when there’s so much that I’ve missed
cos I sat inside with you when you were feeling sick
And I let you paint my nails and dress me up, for as long as you smiled and felt loved
Why’d you call me a vain selfish bastard, I never understood that part.
Do you know where to go, cos I don’t want to go, I just get this sensation every now and again, that all I’ve been living and all I’ve been breathing, and every wall I woke up near and every mirror, and all the relatives that come once a year, and the heavy machines by
the building site have been lying, no, they haven’t been lying, just pinning some flowers on the truth.

Just pinning some flowers on the truth.

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