The enlightenment was a lie
We're still sick
And we still die

Darwin was a liar
Darwin told the truth
Darwin wrote a fairytale
Starting from ape and going back again

Einstein didn't know
Which way the future goes
Einstein didn't care
If tomorrow comes again

The son of God
Is the son of evil
We've never been so damn sure
As one and one still equals two
It has never been so damn true

Three metric systems
Three different clues
Three different gods
Three different views

Einstein didn't know
Which way the future goes
Einstein didn't care
If tomorrow comes again

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    My InterpretationHere is what Jan Dewulf had to say about this song in an interview:

    It’s actually a happy coincidence having those anniversaries this year. I picked up Einstein as he is a real symbol of scientific breakthrough and knowledge. ‘After Einstein’ reflects on knowledge in general, and how people deal with it. Science today has cleared up a lot of things, and has answered a bunch of questions that remained dark for us during centuries.
    People however choose to create their own answers on things, intermixed with their own ideological, philosophical and religious ideas. This of course leads to a somewhat blurred state of mind. It’s for example very frightening to see conservative politicians trying to keep Darwin out of the schoolbooks so they can protect their religious believes.

    Lyrically the song is an attack on people who choose to remain plain stupid while living in a world where knowledge and information is free and easy accessible. As illustrated above, people choose to have a blurry mind, instead of having it cleared up by correct information that is available for everyone (at least it should be). It is sometimes scary to see how people tend to choose dark and obscure ideas instead of clear and simple facts. But as Darwin put it: “Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge: it is those who know little, and not those who know much, who so positively assert that this or that problem will never be solved by science.”

    I am a pacifist myself. I am actually quite hardcore anti war, as well as a pro environment- and pro equal rights for all races, sexes and sexual preferences-liberal.
    I am not sure if an educated mind guarantees peaceful behaviour, as it takes for example a lot of scientific research to build intelligent bombs and other destructive machines. Einstein, being a scientist who clearly understood that we are just a tiny spot in both time and space, also realised that the survival of human kind can only be reached if we live properly together respecting the idea of being just a silly little nothing in a great universe. Bombing other species is in a way pure self-annihilation. Maybe the next step in evolution that humanity consciously should take is learning how to live together in a peaceful way. I guess getting rid of that blurred mind as described earlier is the first step in that direction. That’s the philosophical idea behind ‘After Einstein’.

    Interview is here:…
    NineBerryon January 13, 2009   Link

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