Such a cruel cruel world so close to the brink
Such a fucked up place for souls to live
But I'll stay alive for one more day
Just to be with you and your dawn parade

I've been living for this moment
I've been given to destroyers
It's no woman's land all alone
I've been written for this story
I've been happier as human
It's no reason to be scared and all alone

How can they understand
When they can't comprehend
What they have lost
But we're so alive for one more day
Passion coils here into disarray
But I'll stay alive for one more day
Just to be with you and your dawn parade

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No Woman's Land song meanings
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    My InterpretationPretty much hes saying its a fucked up world torn by needless war.
    Hes talking about war in the first stanza. Its cruel and makes this planet
    difficult to bear for many who are effected by it.
    "Such a fucked up place for souls to live" See line one is saying war has made us close to the brink now.
    Line two is talking about the repercussions of war and what we have lost/the price we pay for it today.

    The last two lines of the firs stanza are saying that this person wants to live-on
    in order to pay respect and tribute to the dead.
    The meaning is clear based on the fact that the dawn service in Australia is paying respect to all the men slaughtered at gallipoli. Gunned down for the House of Morgan. (what has today become the house of Rockafella)

    The second stanza is saying that although hes been living for this moment (line 1) to pay respect to the dead, he can relate to how scared and lonely they were feeling. He doesn't feel human sometimes. But its no reason to be lonely and afraid of the future.

    The last stanza I think is talking about the freedoms people have lost, along with the reassurance we no longer have of a safe future due to war. (because we are close to the brink - S1 Line 1)
    The last four lines of this stanza end it on a positive note, encouraging others to live in the moment and be alive for one more day, even if the thought is unbearable- know that he is pushing forward just to pay respect to the dead.

    It's a well written song and can relate to both male and female.
    Men can feel very lonely when the repercussions of the banking system make them much less saught after in this world, based on the fact that money is a strong desirable in men. Men are after-all the providers in most families.
    Which links to the reason why most would be fighting a war for resources.
    It's made it a much lonelier planet for men in this sense and its also made it more difficult for women too as they need to make finding someone who is a provider and is financially stable, more of a priority. This is obvious by the fact they have smaller job prospects and significantly smaller earning potentials for the same job a man would have (19% lower in my country, up to 60% in others).

    This goes back to the first stanza Line two.

    Hope I've made it all clear for you. This song was easy to pull apart thanks to the singers clever idea of putting dawn parade there. I suspect other countries would commemorate the dead in a dawn parade also. But regardless if they do or don't the meaning is universal as the dawn parade represents paying respect to the dead, and living on for what they sacrificed themselves to bring. Which is peace funny enough.
    TheProfitSongon May 22, 2017   Link

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