A prima donna with a premonition feels like he's preachin' to the choir
A superstar filled with superstition can't pull himself out of the mire
All you ever dreamed of is finally in your reach but careful what you wish for
If you don't practice what you preach

The circus came to town, I guess it must have stayed
It's like an endless parade

All these people you can see through like ghosts, maybe you've seen too much
Nothing's real, nothing you can feel, no one you can touch

Strangers stare in silence, they think they know your mind
No place to jump off, that's the way the game's designed

Another new day dawns, another sunset fades
It's like an endless parade

Music, music and more music imploding inside your brain
The life that you have chosen did it finally drive you insane

Psychopathic tirades fill your head with ammunition
Sights set on your enemies but you keep losing your position

Reluctantly you face the day try to get your gameface on
What used to be a fantasy has now become a marathon

Every heart you ever broke, all the people you've betrayed
Another new day dawns
Another sunset fades

Yeah, the circus came to town, I guess it must have stayed
It's like an endless parade

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Endless Parade Lyrics as written by Warren Haynes


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    My OpinionOkay, I submitted this song because I can read so much about myself into the lyrics. I guess that's what it's all about, for the most part. Most of the time, you identify with a line here or a phrase there, but how often do you find a whole song that touches every nerve? A friend of mine commented that it was the saddest song she'd ever heard. I never considered myself as 'sad'. But, from the "...mouthes of babes..." I'm hoping it's just a misread on her part.

    The 7th Son
    The7thSonon January 03, 2009   Link
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    My InterpretationI love this song, especially how the lyrics move through your mind while the bassline dances with your soul.

    For me, this song is all about someone who is going back over their struggle to find happiness in life and trying to make sense of it all. A lifetime of trying and always coming up short of happiness . . . having a jaded perspective.

    I think "endless parade" speaks to someone who has experienced an unending series of bad relationships. They can't understand why relationships always fall apart. "...maybe you've seen too much...nothing is real...nothing you can feel...no one you can trust..." the development of disillusion and started to see how fake people can be . . .

    "All you ever dreamed of is finally in your reach" is thinking you've (now) finally found the right person, "be careful what you wish for if you don't practice what you preach" is an internal fear that it's going to fail like everything prior.

    "Did the life that you have chosen, did it finally drive you insane?" Someone who has done well at navigating the working side of life but remains deeply hurt, disillusioned, and lonely after trusting the wrong people, loving the wrong people. Trying to figure it out brings more questions than answers which circles back into more questions . . . spiraling into slowly falling into giving up ever finding personal happiness.

    "... fill your head with ammunition, sights set on your enemies..." speaks to deep emotionally driven thoughts at striking back at the people that caused the hurt, but a forgiving nature keeps it from ever being acted out.

    "...get your game face on..." trying to act like you're okay but deep inside you feel dead. The person has started becoming numb to life. They feel as if they're moving through life with no attachment to it.

    "Every heart you ever broke, all the people you've betrayed" is some self-doubt thinking they did not do enough and every failure is all their fault. Thinking that they've somehow caused the people they loved to treat them badly and leave.

    Just arriving at a point in their life of shuffling through life, feeling defeated . . . very defeated. Still wanting to try but it's getting harder . . . the destruction of a good soul is very sad process. . .
    Jimaniaon October 09, 2021   Link
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    General CommentI thought it was a current song about the Trump presidency and the Republican Party. I did realize it was from 2006. That circus must have stayed.
    rrekdivadon July 20, 2022   Link

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