Storyteller sample
Many ages ago, when this ancient planet was not quite so ancient, far off in the east, it was the time of Middle-Earth, beyond the Misty Mountains and the Dark Forest, there you will find...

Look at the servants, In the quarters they low-lay
The next class up shouts orders they obey
With every task fulfilled there's a mass they build
To escape their own reality and crash the guilds
Of the civil compassion that binds them all together
The servants, The peasants, The farmers, They're all the members
Of the last line of defense But that eludes their grasp
Turrets flourish in this empire of booze and cash
And Bliss and Eso
Stand there like Asterix and Obelix
We ask this with sober lips and pass this to drover's kids
Come and play beyond your own pasture
Where the sheep graze without a master Oh and about your mother
No need to ask her. I got the staffer leading us into the realm
Where we breathe fertile trees, No weeds
Herbal ease feeds verbal theives, tampede and herd'll seize
We move through every metropolis
But when it all began we stood atop the Acropolis at dusk
Surveyed the whole populous, Then us
It's like Montagues to Capulets, We're on the move Attackin' it
We wanna lose the advocates that wanna use and stash the wits of the masses
Under a veil of woven fabrication, We had to reclaim the stolen magic statements
Etched into stone tablets, A navigation system with it's own language
Written by the ancients before us, We thought the saints did ignore us
But now we see where they painted the forest

Storyteller sample
We shall soon start on our long journeyFollow me

So be at your doorstep when the clock strikes three
And when we arrive don't say a word in the hot night breeze
Just take a hand and join the line stretching a mile long
Every man Woman And child is now single-file strong
We weave through the laneways, Past closed saloons
By the chalets Like ballet glows the moon
There's nothing anyone can say within these village walls
So we sneak out the back gate, And now the privilege calls them
To look over their shoulder Any context they see
Their world in truth, Their king a beggar with leprosy
It decrepitly makes him sit in solitude
As sorrow rules, No feast to feed him, He swallows gruel
His skin like rotting wood The hollow fuels
In the wallowing pools where his words and molecules expand apart
Don't follow schools
Be the minnows like the willows in this wilderness of Apollo's jewels
Shattering the glass ceiling with a balloon of dreamin, Kids
They say it's hot air but it's their cold gloom that's meaningless
And finally, we see the trees by the edge of this new realm to enter
So allegiance we pledge
Come on people. There's so much grief to burn
You'll blossom in these woods, So many leaves to turn
We walk in the centre, Through the gate's eyes
Feel the one wise sunrise illuminate skies in a...

DJ Izm
My lyrical wilderness [x4]
The magic in that music [x3]
It moves through me

In this place, I can walk for days
Without my feet getting tired
And just in case all my thoughts are praised
I will keep this inspired
When the night sky's moonlit, The frontier travels on
Flying broomsticks, Hillside highlanders
Guide the bystanders past the waterfalls, Wishing-wells, Bubbles
Blown by kids playing kiss-and-tell
This is hell for those who can't imagine
When all you're really tryin' to do is start a fashion
So we'll lead the masses down the passage to establish
That the movement doesn't have to be massive to attract a passion
I can see it, picture-perfectly through a clean frame
My dream came rolling in on a rainbow-coloured steam-train
The way we look at the world needs change
And it's making me basically be shelter
For those in need of shade
I'm a whole damn book but someone read a page
They all had me mistook as another
Simply 'cause you judge this book by it's cover
Well I visualize the wilderness, to the bone
My castle is crooked You never know who's at home
I knew a gnome who knew a hypnotist
He showed me all the great tricks on how to be a true lyricist
He'll have you cry a bucket of tears and make you sip the shit
Play darts drunk to symbolise faith is hit-or-miss
Rough Rugged, And real ridiculous
So in the hidden mist I'm known as mister conspicuous
Plus my love for writing of the powers
That look out for me, my presence in your head is like flowers
On a balcony It's beautiful and deep
Unusual and free for you to have and hold
Grab an old realization that you have a soul
So as the twenty-first century marches, Open the gates to walk on the pastures
With kaleidoscope colours kept in a painter's pallet
The horses' hooves move the dust
When the ancients galloped upon Lord Of The Ring landscapes
And I welcome everyone, And kiss daughters, To king's handshakes

DJ Izm
My lyrical wilderness [x4]

(mihgt be a bit off, but it's hard to follow)

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    General CommentGood submission, it was hard for me to follow on too, but listening to the song now i can understand the words a lot more, thanks!!
    GerrardBnE28on March 19, 2015   Link
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    General CommentI think it might be "hurdle seas"
    DallasPriceon October 18, 2018   Link

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