You're gonna love me, baby
You're gonna wake up in another life
There will be tears, baby
And I won't be around to see you cry

Yeah, when you're heart is sober
Yeah, when the pieces all fall into place
Yeah, when the light comes on
And it's far too late
You're gonna love me, baby

You're gonna hate me, baby
You're gonna curse the day that we met
Down to the core, baby
You're gonna feel that sting of regret

Yeah, when you're empty-handed
Yeah, when your dream is setting like the sun
Yeah, when the ink is dry
And the deal is done
You're gonna hate me, baby

You're gonna miss me, baby
You're gonna want what you could've had
Yeah, you'll have somethin' baby
But you're gonna want something more than that

Yeah, when the pain comes calling
Yeah, when you're watching, see me moving on
Yeah, when you find the choices that you made were wrong
You're gonna miss me, baby

You're gonna hate me, baby
You're gonna love me, you're gonna love me
You're gonna hate me
When the light comes on, yeah
You'll see that I'm gone
You're gonna wake up and you're gonna love me

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You're Gonna Love Me song meanings
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    General CommentOkay, so I posted the lyrics to this song because I don't understand it, and I was hoping somebody would interpret it. Anyone? Does this guy think he's no good and so he can get a girl to love him, but he knows she'll hate him later or something? I don't get it.
    dml90on December 29, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI think it's kinda obvious. A guy pretty much threw this girl away, one who was probably willing to love him and give him the world if he asked for it. She decides that she'll keep going on with her life because she's better than that. In the end, he'll realize how stupid he was and he'll want her back. Thing is she's moved on. He's gonna wish he had her to love, but he's going to hate her for moving on when he can only blame himself for what happened.
    SammyjoLeaon April 21, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI feel this song is about a relationship that the girl he was with took him for granted. Everything he did for her was treated like it wasn't anything special. I feel the guy decides he needs to leave because he he isn't being treated right for all the things he did for her. After he is gone, the girl realizes everything she did wrong and the reasons he left. That will make her love him so much more when she finds out all the things he did for her. It will make her hate him because he was so amazing, but he just walked out of the door on her. In the end, she is alone and sad and he won't be there.
    camASU07on September 26, 2009   Link

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