"The American Metaphysical Circus" as written by and Joseph Byrd....
At precisely eight-o-five
Doctor Frederick von Meier
Will attempt his famous dive
Through a solid sheet of luminescent fire.

In the center of the ring
They are torturing a bear
And although he cannot sing
They can make him whistle Londondderry Air

And the price is right,
The cost of one admission is your mind

We shall shortly institute
A syncopation of fear
While it's painful, it will suit
Many customers whose appetites are queer

Or for those who wish to pay
There are children you can bleed
In a most peculiar way
We can give you all the instruments you'll need

And the price is right,
The cost of one admission is your mind

If you're harder yet to serve
We have most delightful dreams;
Our recorders will preserve
The intensity and passion of your screams.

For we only aim to please;
It's our customers who gain
As their appetites increase
They must come to us for pleasure and for pain.

And the price is right,
The cost of one admission is your mind.

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    My InterpretationThe first stanza describes a circus setting, reminiscent of "Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite." A learned doctor performs at a precise time, putting himself in danger for the benefit of viewers. What is "The American Metaphysical Circus"? The mish-mash of ideologies in favor of accruing capital, the dissolution of lasting value for monetary gain and entertainment? Probably. "Metaphysical" probably means "bullshit" in this context -- after all, didn't the Buddha resolve suffering through sitting, seeing reality as it really is, moment-to-moment, to negate desire? Surely the American Metaphysical Circus is the opposite -- a bunch of frivolous bullshit, wrapped up in billions of variations of packaging, all equally unsatisfactory, to stoke desire and keep people hungry for more. Mutant Christianity, individualistic "choice," consumerism, the television, the media, the government, the people's appetites themselves keep it all in place....

    Bears in circuses are supposed to be entertaining. But how do they get to be entertaining? Torture, training, caged, crushed. Think of employees for corporations that you know -- are they able to sing from their hearts in their labor? Nah, but they can whistle & fake it if you beat 'em hard enough & they have TV when they get home. Is America for People or for Employers & Customers (produce/consume). What are People, anyway?

    Yeah, I'm pretty sure everyone in America is insane in their own way. There's no way to have a mind when you've sold it to feed & entertain the children until they get old enough to pawn off their own brains. Bummer. Maybe you'll be a great actor, or a fantastic musician one day! All your dreams will come true! You aren't a boring loser, you're AMERICA and your hair is your choice! Your clothes are your choice! You have a house and a bunch of guitars!

    A "sycopation of fear" is instituted to support appetites of a subset of customers. Normal, every-day business. If you want to believe something, we will sell it to you. False realities are bought and sold daily -- ideological entrepreneurship. Whatever helps you sleep at night, whatever makes you think you are the image you wish you were.

    What are the recorders which preserve "the intensity and passion of your screams?" Most art portrays suffering in some form. Songs in the English language are more likely to contain intimations of misery than any other. Where are you going, posting about your feelings & struggles on Facebook? Who uses these fears? Who is profiting from your sorrow?

    Run back to your television, run back to your digital false reality... the cost of one admission is your mind...
    msmoxwilliamson May 31, 2015   Link

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