"Carpathia" as written by and Adam Burbank Lazzara Matthew Fazzi....
I'm gonna leave the same way I came
Up from the ashes then I'm from the ashes
If our house had stood here on this wood foundation
Then you you could of fooled me I admit I was a fool for your southern days
(One hundred and fifty degrees in the shade)
It wasn't an option to go back to my place
(No I was put in my place)
You, we lived in separated houses we had for all our lives
It would of been nice to say (it would of been nice to say)
It would of been nice to say I knew you

When oh when will this sinking feeling
Feel like man that was ages ago

I don't worry half as much as I did
When I was an experiment
Your resident tourniquet
Life's not about your next
I am the mantel and you're a painting
Come rest your frame on me (come rest your frame on me)
I was a tower and you were an airplane
We happened before we knew what was happening
We lived in separated houses, we had for all our lives
It would of been nice to say (it would of been nice to say)
It would of been nice to say

When oh when will this sinking feeling
Feel like man that was ages ago
When oh when will this sinking feeling
Feel like man that was ages ago
Man that was ages ago
(Man that was ages ago)
Man that was ages ago
Man that was ages ago

We lived inside each other (man that was ages ago)
Such Careless lazy lovers (man that was ages ago
Would of been nice to say
Sure would of been nice to say

When oh when will this sinking feeling
Feel like man that was ages ago
When oh when will this sinking feeling
(Man that was ages ago)
Man that was ages ago
(Man that was ages ago)
Man that was ages ago
Man that was ages ago
Man that was ages ago
Man that was ages ago
Oh, man that was ages ago

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"Carpathia" as written by Edward Reyes Adam Burbank Lazzara

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    General CommentIn general, I think it's about Adam (or whoever else) going through an extremely difficult situation and he can't wait for it to be over with; he can't wait for it to be to the point where he can simply laugh about it (when he can say, "Man, that was ages ago.") I don't know if I'm right, but that's just what I'm thinking right now.

    I love this song already. It's not what I expected considering they said that the album will be sounding more like their old stuff. Still, I think it's a great song with great lyrics and it gets better everytime I listen to it.
    bobby frankon December 22, 2008   Link
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    General CommentCarpathia was the name of the ship that rescued the Titanic survivors.

    I only know that because it was on the weather channel, lol.
    CracktheBottleon December 28, 2008   Link
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    General Commenti heard adam said to ryan hunter we stole your sound from sugar skulls, but ryan was just like dude you have no idea how much we've taken from you
    rjjk91on January 06, 2009   Link
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    General Commentthis song is amazing!
    it's nowhere near as good as everything must go but still amazing.
    truly the best album taking back sunday have done, no doubt!
    this song is 100% about the titanic and nothing else.
    i saw them a week ago here in liverpool and they told the story before they sang it.
    taperjeangirl.on August 06, 2009   Link
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    General CommentOkay, the Titanic thing is definitely a metaphor. As some of you may know, Adam was detoxing/detoxed when he got together with Chauntelle(sp?), and felt like a new person, actually becoming a Christian (possibly based on her Christian faith or the acceptance of a higher power that goes with most rehab programs, probably both). This is where we get the first few lines talking about leaving the same way he came. Like a pheonix rising from its ashes. He felt renewed and had found love, leaving the couple feeling "unsinkable," not to use too big of a pun. Am I striking a chord yet? Then, Adam realized who she really was. This part was talked about in detail in "Everything Must Go" (basically, she was a Bible beater). From what I can reasonably infer, he's still waiting for "Carpathia," it being the thing that will let them both just laugh it all off like it was "ages ago."

    Just going off what I know/think I know. I could be wrong. Hope you enjoy! :-)
    ChildofJackalon September 01, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI like to think that we all hear songs differently and can relate them to our own personal situations... And this song has been near and dear to me recently.. This is what I feel:

    "I'm gonna leave the same way I came. Up from the ashes, then I'm from the ashes"
    -Probably a phoenix reference with hints of rebirth, recreation, etc... but I think maybe he started the relationship a "changed man" somehow, different than before. Then before you know it, he's back in the same place, having to recreate himself and start over once again.

    "And you, we lived in separate houses, we have for all our lives. It would have been nice to say...It would have been nice to say I knew you."
    -I think this could possibly mean they lived together and he regrets moving in together because he realizes he never really knew this person... Or maybe just living in separate houses means never fully committing and opening up to eachother... staying guarded and refusing to let anyone else in...

    "When oh when will this sinking feeling, feel like man, that was ages ago"
    -LOVE THIS. When you just got your heart broken, ripped out, and smashed... it just feels like it's the end of the world. You think you'll never be the same. But you always are eventually. Time heals all. And usually, after time does it's thing, you look back and wonder what the *#(@ you were thinking anyways.

    "I am the mantle, and you dear, a painting... so come rest your frame on me. I was a tower, and you were an airplane, we happened before we knew what was happening."
    -He's saying he can be her support, something strong and warm. And she is delicate, pretty, and needs something to rest on to show her off. The tower/airplane is their relationship crashing out of no where, sudden destruction. I think they're relationship took a course that got out of hand, too much, and they couldn't do anything to fix it, it was too late. By the time they knew what it was, it had happened.

    "We lived inside eachother...Such careless, lazy lovers"
    -They got wrapped up in each other and didn't the time to establish expectations, just got too involved... They lived in the moment because it was great but didn't take the right steps to build a successful relationship, they were lazy and it fell apart.

    "Man, that was ages ago."
    -Who knows how long it has been, but he is still writing songs about her, thinking about her, and remembers it all. Time does heal that sinking feeling, but you just have to think of that fondly and remember what you learned and take that with you on to the next one...

    Or who knows, it could be about the Titanic... :)
    shotgunjenon February 16, 2012   Link
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    General Commenti think the 2nd verse goes..

    Life’s not about your next...
    waiting, just waiting, see..

    sounds like it to me.

    first time i listened to it, i didn't like it to so much. i'm listening to it again, and i guess it's kinda growing on me. ok, fine, maybe a little stronger than just 'growing on me'.

    i absolutely love the first few lines, the way he sings it, the words...

    i think it's about being nostalgic.. missing that person after parting ways. a girl? a friend? who knows. but it almost sounds like forgetting. 'man that was ages ago...' like he can't remember how that felt like.

    yeah, this also reminds me of 'what it feels like to be a ghost'. don't know why though.
    YourBlackoutMemoryon December 21, 2008   Link
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    General CommentSweet song! they got a fresh sound going on right here! can't wait to see where they're headed
    Arpiieon December 22, 2008   Link
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    General CommentLove this song, I cannot wait for the new album.
    pandemic_7on December 22, 2008   Link
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    General CommentIts "We LIVED inside eachother" not "We LOOKED inside eachothter". Good work though.
    mateo2121on December 22, 2008   Link

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