"18 Wheels of Love" as written by and Patterson Hood Adam Howell....
Mama ran off with a trucker
Mama ran off with a trucker
Mama ran off with a trucker
Peterbilt Peterbilt

He is making her give life another stab
They can see the world from way up in the cab

Mama ran off with a trucker
Peterbilt Peterbilt

She can quit her job and be his little bride
He can get a local route and stay home by her side
She can fix him roast beast and sweet potato pie
He can eat a lot of it 'cause he's a big ol' guy

They got married in Dollywood
(By a Porter Waggoner lookalike)
18 Wheels of Love

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"18 Wheels of Love" as written by Patterson Hood


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18 Wheels of Love song meanings
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    TranslationWhen my mom and dad got divorced my mamma she was so miserable and so unhappy she locked herself in her bedroom and she didn't come out for six years. In my mom's bedroom my mamma she had three TVs just like Elvis the king used to have. And on top of each one of them TV sets my mamm she had two VCRs for recording all those show she wasn't watchin'. And for six long years she stayed locked in her room drinking vodka and milk and reading the national inquirer and the sun and the star and flippin them channels. And then my sister graduated from school and the child support ran out and my mom was forced to go out and get a job. And I know I don't have to tell you it's a mean cruel world out there for a 50 year old woman without no college education and no prior work experience. And my mom she had to go out and work one crap job after another just to pay the rent. So finally fate or something led her to a place called R and D trucking in Florence Alabama. And they hired my mom as what they call a truck log auditor. Every Monday morning she come and audit all them truck drivers' logs they been driving hours without sleep or somethin her job was to catch em for the DOT and fine em. And there was this one truck driver his name was Chester. And Chester was the biggest meanest man at R and D trucking. Chester weighed about 350 pounds of pure muscle and gut. Chester had the word "Kim" tattooed right there on his forearm and legend has it one night back in Vietnam Chester killed 8 men in their sleep in order to escape from a POW camp. And now every Monday morning my momma is having to call him into her office and bitch him out. So finally one day she just snaps and she goes completely off the deep end, she starts yelling at the top of her lungs. And she says she says "CHESTER!! Damnit Chester every week you screw up your logs. You know I'm going to catch you and call you in here and bitch at you. What gives??" And Chester looks my momma right square in the eye and said "Jan, it's because I'm in love with you. And I knew that the only way I'd ever get to talk to you is to screw up my logs so you'd call me in here and bitch at me so sweet." And six months later to the day my momma and Chester they ran off to a tattoo studio. And he had "Kim" changed to "Jan". And then they eloped to this place called Pigeon Forge Tennessee some people think maybe I'm makin that up. But we all know it's true. A place called Dollywood and they got married there. And I'd just moved to Athens Georgia and I didn't have no money to buy em a present. So I wrote my momma this song. It's called 18 Wheels of Love and normally I'd do it right now but tonight I'm gonna tell you the rest of the story.
    A little over a year ago we did this tour we call it The Dirt Underneath. We went out and we place sit down and we played acoustic guitars and we had a wonderful time. We went cross country and we were on our way home at the end of the third week. And we stopped for the night outside of St Louis Missouri. At this giant giant casino complex. So that our bus driver could get some sleep and we could all indulge ourself in some bad buffet. And I was walkin back to the bus cross the acres and acres of parking lot with heartburn from the bad buffet and my cell phone rang and it was my sister calling. And she said "Patterson it's Chester and he's dying." It seems Chester got diagnosed as having the third and final stage of congestive heart failure and they called the family in to say their last goodbyes and his daughter was supposed to get married out in California and he was supposed to give her away instead she had to fly in with the grandkids to say goodbye and they all gathered around the hospital bed and they set up in the middle of the living room and everybody was crying and so upset and everybody said their last goodbyes. And they brought in the hospice nurse to take care of him cause mom wasn't able to do it all herself cause he had gotten down to 125 pounds. And the skin was hanging off of his body like paper mâché. And one day my momma was out buying groceries and he was alone there in that hospital bed in the living room just he and the hospice nurse. And he gathered up all his strength and he pushed himself up off the bed and he looked that hospice nurse right square in the eye. And he said "So when do I get to drive again?" And that hospice nurse she had been doin it for years and she has callouses built up but none the less when he asked her that tears welled up in her eyes and started rollin down her face and she said she said "Honey don't you know who I am? I'm the hospice nurse. I'm who they call to bring in here to take care of you. I mean miracles can happen but even under the best of circumstances you're not gonna drive again."
    And we're gonna flash forward to March of this year. And I was packin my suitcase to go out on the road with my band. We had a new record out we were ready to go out and play a bunch of dates and my cell phone rang and it was my momma callin. And my momma and this little bitty dog they've got named Paris for some damn reason were on their way out to Stockton California in an 18 wheel truck with Chester behind the wheel to go out and see the grandkids. And you think I make this stuff up?! I could never make this up. This song is called 18 Wheels of Love and every damn word is the truth!
    SaraKillinon May 01, 2013   Link
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    General CommentI'm surprised no one has commented on this song yet. It's a fantastic song about the lead singer's mother's second marriage and a new lease on life. Just listen to the long intro of the song in their live Austin. It explains all.
    sputty3204on April 16, 2010   Link
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    General CommentThanks for the intro lyrics Sara...one of my fav's
    buttmeaton August 07, 2014   Link

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