Wake up early, hustle up to breakfast
Those were the grim days, taking our time
High profile, private education
Heathen insider in an outside town

A-students mingle with blue-collar workers
They couldn't do it if they tried
A stern line, certainly appealing
But damaged agenda when it bores the crowd

A tough crusader, boy, he gets results, though
I'm refined, I get to list them all
So resilient, more fun than brilliant
Sticking around until they kick you out

We find that all of our days are stacked up with the rest of them here
The stewards of sport, they need a lesson from the pit bosses they used to jeer
Though it unravels, oh, it unravels to the core of the character kids

Insofar as we're concerned, a knock-out punch is well deserved.
Mirror images blur.

All fall in line and take what you earn, it all has a price
Right where you tread, full speed ahead, with furious might
Pardon my speech, we're waiting to leave, we're waiting to leave
She said she's tired, well, we're all tired, kindly refrain
I'll draw you a map, we'll get there today
You're not too late, come inside, you're not too late
Cheer up, it's your lucky day
Cheer up, it's your lucky day

I know exactly what it means to tightrope
She says she's here to stay, it's all talk talk talking
Bitter observations, damn the doses, let it fizzle out

The drawback difference, listen to the cadence
Stumble stumble forward
Gunshot jokesters home from college, knavish in behavior
Mind the manor for the glory hounds

Ready-made victors, law-abiding fighters
Tremor tremor, I'm not saying it's fine
It's just a job or a joint resolution
Selling our house so we can leave this town

Around the world summer, funny how we wonder if its worth the risk of leaving tonight
Curve ball crafts caught in the snag, working hard to put up a fight
Shutterbug vets in the powder room making a mess, yeah, you're making a mess
But Janie's in the back, cleaning up, making so much sense

All fall in line, take what you learn, it all has a price
Right where you tread, we're full speed ahead, with furious might
Well, pardon my speech, we're waiting to leave, we're waiting to leave
Changing the tide, it's just what we're told, now go get it right
Bargain a plea, a throwback it seems, now quiet comply

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