"Play The Part" as written by Rodrigo Amarante De Castro Neves, Fabrizio Moretti and Binki Shapiro....
Spending time
Convinced that it's mine with her
Just to keep her out of mind

Still I'll take care to see
Which way the wind blows
Notice how her hair curls

Pay no mind to the clown
Who sits to your side
Content to yield despite pride

He is a fool to assume
You'd spare a thought
I'm a thief who's just been caught
And I don't find it funny anymore

And so I won't play the part
I played before
Oh, no, not to you

I don't see you laughing anyway
And so I won't play a part
In your mistake, no way
Not unless you stay

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"Play the Part" as written by Jordana Shapiro Fabrizio Moretti

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    General Commentthis song is absolutely gorgeous.
    my favorite next to don't watch me dancing.
    piratekittenon August 13, 2009   Link
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    General CommentThe best Little Joy song. So beautiful. It's about a guy that is infatuated with this girl, but she doesn't notice him, and he has no choice but to move on.
    rahabon January 29, 2010   Link
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    My Interpretationhow about this...

    he loves this girl but she has a relationship with another man BUT he's also pretty sure she feels the same way. he's probably this girl's guy on the side and he didn't expect to fall for her.

    "Pay no mind to the
    clown who sits by your side...
    He's a fool, to assume you'd a thought
    Im a thief that has just been caught"

    Now he's tired of being the guy on the side and wants an actual relationship so he confronts her...

    "I don't find it funny, anymore
    And so I won't play the part, I played before
    Oh no

    Not to you"

    he cant handle it so he simply doesnt want to see her anymore ...unless she chooses him

    "I don't see you laughing anyway
    And so won't I play a part in your mistake, no way

    Not unless you stay"

    ...so yeah what do you think?
    Mrkulnesson June 24, 2013   Link
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    General Commentalright so this is my interpretation of the song...

    so this guy likes this chick but he's too quiet or shy to talk to her bout how he feels. so they're just friends perhaps even good friends. so as he is spending time with her seated on a bench another guy sits right next to her. now this new guy is the kinda guy that gets all the girls he has looks and he thinks he can get any chick in bed with him. see he could care less if he gets with this girl or not, she is just a game to him. so the main dude finally expresses how he feels about her and now he's not going to sit around and watch as others hit on her. at the end he is saying if she leaves she's making a mistake but if she stays with him he will be ok.

    so what do you think? close perhaps?
    badassmuthafuckaon September 09, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI Think it's a man playing a father figure a baby girl whom he's not sure is his. "spending time convinced that it's mine" also "with her to keep her out of mind" he basically doesn't want to think about it so he'll "play the part" as a father, but taking care which way the wind blows" knowing that it may not be his. Then he says, "look the way her hair curls" meaning the daughter and him dont seem related. The following verse is about the clown. The image of a curly hair clown. Maybe the womens ex-boyfriend and the actual father. "he's a fool to assume you'd thought that I'm a thief that has just been caught" the singer is commenting on the irony of the "clowns" jealousy and assumption that the singer took the woman from him, when in fact the irony is that the clown and the woman share the child that the singer is taking care as his own. What he doesn't find funny anymore is either the clown or Maybe jokes about how his daughter doesnt look like him or looks like the other man. So he won't play the part, or be the father. And when the singer confronts her about the joke shes not laughing anyway. So then he says again I won't play the part in your mistake (cheating) unless you stay.

    I know it's left field but it sounds close.
    Fennecfoxon January 28, 2011   Link
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    My Interpretation"Spending time, convinced that it's mine with her, just to keep her out of mind"
    I think in this verse, the singer is saying that he already knew this lady is someone else's woman and she's cheating on him with the singer but he just play along.

    "Still I'll take care to see, which way the wind blows, notice how her hair curls"
    But then, he fell in love with the lady and noticing all her details, her little changes. I'd say, he's so deeply into her.

    "Pay no mind to the clown,who sits to your side"
    He don't care about the guy she's in relationship with and he'd still love her the same.

    "Content to yield despite pride"
    This is a bit tricky. I think the singer knew the guy is a temper, as the guy is content to yield (always happy to have something to argue about) despite pride (despite he is the MAN of the relationship and he's always want to win the arguments and not always listening to the lady.)

    "He is a fool to assume, you'd spare a thought"
    The guy found out abt the lady's act of cheating and he's a fool in the eyes of the singer bcs the singer thought the lady's also deeply in love with him and she'd leave the guy and be with the singer.

    "I'm a thief who's just been caught and I don't find it funny anymore"

    "And so I won't play the part, In your mistake, no way. Not unless you stay"

    But this lady, finally after being caught cheating, she didn't leave the guy nor she chose the singer. So, the singer decided to leave, unless the lady chose him over the guy.

    Hahahha this is too long but it's the first interpretation that I can think of the first time I heard this song
    guguriguguon April 30, 2017   Link

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