[Intro: Guy]
Uh, uh, yeah
See, this here's one of those Fanatic joints
This is one of those joints you smoke to
I mean, I don't smoke, but I would smoke with you fine ass

I don't care about a lot of things
I don't care about a Gucci purse or a pair of Prada jeans (Please)
I don't care if I'm engaged and I ain't got a ring
I just want to live life without a plot and scheme
But that notta green makes me want to plot and scheme
And just because I'm awake, that never stops a dream
And even often, I get high, but I'm not a fiend
'Cause I don't smoke weed, for me it's just not a thing
I'm hot like a flick, make you pause and stop the scene
A Carolina chick you spot on a block in Queens
I know who one the Super Bowl, but I forgot the team (Damn)
Matter of fact, I usually forget a lot of things
Like my mom says, I can't, so I'm not to sing
But I keep it going, feel the vibe it's gotta bring
I'm in this game 'cause I'm good, it's really not the C.R.E.A.M.
I'm in this game 'cause I'm good, I need to process things

And it don't really matter what they say
'Cause I still gets that paper on pay day
So if you want to roll with me
Ball out of control with me

(Now get ready for the second verse)
Now you should that I'm nice when I'm around the mic
I hope to see you at my show 'cause I'm in town tonight
And hope you got your ticket early, 'cause I'm kinda hot
They speculate I'll shoot platinum by the time I drop
And probably start acting, cause I ain't trying to stop
There's truth in every sentence
Listen to the lines I got
I say what's on my mind, I don't just think about it
A Carolina tag team, you can see me 'bout it
Fanatic lay the track, I come and spit the flava
See, this how we used to do it in the pit with Dana
The foundation of this crew is kind of classic
The way we regroup, come back, and bang hits on plastic
You can't outlast it, to me it's quite evident
It's hard to see a dime, you, you only seven cents
I shoot craps, either seven or eleven, and I
Thank God, 'cause I know that I was Heaven sent

Now, check this out one more time,
You might as well sing this hook with me


[Outro: Guy]
Whoo, ain't this a bitch
High as Hell and not a piece of tail in sight
Bitch done smoked up my weed and bounced

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