Hear me out Day follows day
Light turns to clay in my hands
How to explain,
So pristine the pain
It was kindness made the cut so clean
I still care for you
Hear me out
You wanted to me to be
Less your love than a mirror
Can't you see
What you mean to me? (even promises may bleed)
I still care for you
The hours grow
And hollow,
And cruel as a grave
Open Me
You'll find
Only bones burned to glass.
I still care for you

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"I Still Care for You" as written by Raycharles Lamontagne

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I Still Care For You song meanings
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    General CommentThis song is one of my favorite's on the new album. His voice is beyond haunting in this song.

    To me this song is about someone hurting you beyond imagination and yet you still care about them. It is about someone ruining you and killing everything inside yet you cannot get over them and you still care.

    Just like this song, anything written by Ray is amazing.
    youharlotyouon October 27, 2008   Link
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    General Comment"Hear me out, day follows day. Light turns to clay in my hands." This line makes me think he was never able to truly reach this lover whom he obviously cared for. Perhaps she was not very good at looking inward, only outward. This brings me to the next line.
    "Hear me out, you wanted me to be less your lover than a mirror." (beautiful line btw) When someone is ubable to look inward for answers, they can only look outward, trying to surround themselves with people, possessions, ideals (or Mirrors) of what they think reflects them. When one is unsure of their identity, they are naturally insecure, and deep down they may not believe anyone could love them or that they deserve to be loved. (Can't you see what you mean to me?")
    "The hours grow heavy and hollow, cruel as a grave" There are tense times in relationships (say after a fight for instance) when two people tend to question the meaning of their relationship or whether it could ever be as good as it once was. Those moments are "heavy" and leave you with a "hollow" feeling. "Cruel as a grave" may represent the impending death of this relationship which has left him hollow inside as well. I hope you like my interpretation.
    songsleuthon February 16, 2011   Link
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    General CommentI think it's a song about his bowling ball that is being replaced by a new bowling ball that he just brought home. Ray's an avid bowler, very good I hear too.
    Mo Ohlesson March 08, 2018   Link
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    General CommentThis song is completely amazing. His voice is so full of meaning and you can feel the pain. But I want to know what it means when he says "you wanted me to be less your lover than a mirror." any suggestions?
    undeniable_dilemmaon November 08, 2008   Link
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    General Commentundeniable_dilemmma, think of a manipulative sort of relationship. that's how i take it, but it's just a theory. this song's one of my favorites on the album, too.
    dim_rose_peddleron November 12, 2008   Link
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    My InterpretationMaybe the mirror comment is him saying that the lover didn't recieve much from him. A mirror is an inanimate object that gives nothing more than what you give it.
    alisha0715on January 13, 2009   Link
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    General Comment"You wanted me to be less a lover than a mirror".

    I think he's saying that the other person had him around because it reflected well on them. A sort of I-must-be-good-because-look-who-wants-me deal. This person feels good about themselves by association, but that doesn't make it love, and that's what the problem is.
    cutewhensedatedon January 20, 2009   Link
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    My InterpretationGreat discernment, cute! I believe you nailed it. The genius of this song (imo) is that the message can apply, via listener interpretation, to all types of relationships - whether between lovers, spouses, friends, parents, siblings, etc., alive or deceased. And bravo to the musicians who perfectly delivered the driving march accompaniment conveying the tone of impending consequence and the subsequent resolution of the words "I still care for you". Wow to RLM!
    ElSeaweedon January 21, 2009   Link
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    General Comment"You wanted me to be less a lover than a mirror".

    I took that line as meaning that she wanted him to be more of a mirror of herself rather than himself. As in she wanted him to be like her and do things a certain way rather than love him for his actions. Like she wanted him to be perfect and so she was constanly unhappy because he could
    never give that to her.
    kayyislovelyon June 01, 2010   Link
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    My Interpretationi'm not sure if this matters much, but i find it somewhat significant that he says "hear me out" a couple times. maybe there's a communication issue, or he doesn't normally speak his mind in this relationship (whoever this is pointed towards, anyways)?
    allthisistemporaryon February 01, 2011   Link

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