I've got so much to live for and no one to die for
A man told me never to toast with the devil
I heard guns a-blazing and the peace is a flailing
The rose petals colour the blood of all men

Th etrue love of real men is a painful affair
No emotion graces me greater than my lust for power (echo, "for power")
Caress me, with the blade of a machete

There is no-hunger, greater than a man's (x2)
Oh-no-hunger, that can satisfy, the godly desire

To be your heroe is my alterego
That's so suppressed by all by all the people
I want you to understand, I'm not a beautiful man
My shoulders are rough, I'm rugged and raw (echo, "rugged and raw")....but
I could be your heroe in my alterego
But even heroes pay the price for people
I want you to understand, I'm not a beautiful man
I just chose to be a better man

When my adrenalin rises and my hunger suffices
The need is greater than the greed you perceive
My bones are a clattering, rattling, man! Unsettling
Patiently saddling this tug-boat I have been restlessly paddling

I am a tragedy romantic and my death should be poetic
It may be sad to go under but there can't be any other- other(x5)

No other way for me
No runaway for me
There's no escape for me
This is how it was meant to be

No other way for me
No I won't beg and plead
Only death can take my feet
Take from me, hate from me, pain from me


The truth remains that men are born
With a thirst for blood
The only love I have to give baby
Is a throny branch with blood stained petals
My heart is heavy metal solid gearbox
My skin black leather studded with cold shiny metal
And my rock guitar is a raging inferno
Drive insane on a quest for power

HOOK: (to end)

Lyrics submitted by ddkwenda

A Thorny Branch With A Blood Stained Petal song meanings
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