"Man at War" as written by and Daniel Johnston....
Jumpin Joe [?] the battlefield is clear
strange soldiers that play, he's a man at war

He was of no army he was fighting all alone
and for no reason he was a man at war

He was standing in his foxhole he was always on the defensive
when out of the smoke appeared an attractive figure

I had popped out of that torso and much to his surprise
he fell in love with it's eye

She was fifteen in a magazine what an odd place for her to be
standing on that battlefield by the man at war

"Does she love me" he screamed with bombs bursting in the air
does she love me, will she understand me, I'm a man at war

He was ambushed and shot up his legs and arms and head
had to be amputated, he was rehabilitated, he was a man at war

And suddenly and surprisingly their roles had been reversed
he was blessed and he was cursed, he was a man at war

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"Man at War" as written by Daniel Johnston

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    General CommentWell, I just wrote these lyrics myself today. It's a great song, and I was surprised not to see it online yet.
    Anyways, it's pretty obvious (or at least to me) what this song means:
    The man at war is Daniel, or me, or whoever wants to be; either way, he's at war with no one; simply, he's at war with himself, and perhaps the world, or, an accumulation of both, so one's own world. In any case, it's a hatred or confusion or misunderstanding of the world.
    Standing in his foxhole is the fact that he's dug himself a hole, kind of like the trenches during WWI, which is made to defend oneself from the enemy, yet known to be a killer (tetanus, etc.). So as a man at war, you're defending yourself from the shitty world, yet you're getting yourself into (different, more, a lot of) shit, with problems in your life and keeping them in, not letting them out. Also, hence the always being on the defensive.
    Then, out of the blue, during your depression, this girl shows up. You fall in love; but it makes no sense that she's in your life, when she's such a figure of joy and love and happiness, and your life is one of shit and war. And you ask yourself if she loves you, will she understand why you're at war with the world.
    Well, you got ambushed by the wave of love, but that then shot up your life, because you got crushed by her when she turned you down. But you got over it (rehabilitated); after all, you're a man at war, so you have to get better.
    Then she missed you, and you're over her. So you're in opposite roles now. She's torn apart from the loss of you; you still miss her though, to a certain extent. Thus, you're blessed and cursed.

    Anyways, that's how I'm feeling right now. Fucking terrible feeling. God I love Daniel Johnston and thank him for his honesty and deep metaphors. He's helped me so much.
    I love you Daniel Johnston! Thank you so much!
    El_Loboon October 02, 2008   Link

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