"Waiting For The Rapture" as written by and Noel Gallagher....
I still don't know what I was waiting for
A big love to fall down from the sky
She took my hand and picked me up off the floor
She put an apple in my eye

I said I'm tired
Come get me off the merry-go-round
I'm wired
Come feed me and then bring-a-me down

She come up to me
I can't remember what she said
'Cause I was in a trance and I forgot it all
Banging on about all that
Revolution in her head
She'd make a lover seem so magical

She said I'm tired
Come get me off the merry-go-round
I'm wired
Well heaven must have sent ya
To save me from the rapture


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"Waiting for the Rapture" as written by Noel Gallagher

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Waiting For The Rapture song meanings
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    General Commenttraditionally, the apple of your eye is someone you adore and i suppose it means this girl's appeal and seductive nature instantly swoons the speaker..hence her putting the apple in his eye..bigrobbo, (noel) help us out! lol
    Freddie77on October 24, 2008   Link
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    General Commenta bit like the turning, he wants a change - and he meets this magical fallen angel who gives him a feeling of magical ecstacy. love this song, the bass is so thick and delicious
    bigrobbo2006on September 25, 2008   Link
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    General CommentFreddie77 is pretty much dead on, the apple of your eye is the person/thing you most desire. 'she' is kind of this spark in his life that makes him want to get up off the floor and do something - 'she' has all these dreams about how life should be and its what he needs right now because hes tired and feeling down on himself -- he needs her, 'she' is the big love that he finds...
    bigrobbo2006on October 26, 2008   Link
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    General CommentThe APPLE: The apple represents knowledge, as in the Garden of Eden. But in this case, it's a good kind of knowledge.

    The LADY: The woman giving Noel the apple is a Christian who is trying to save his heathen rock and roll soul. Her "lover" is Jesus. He also refers to Jesus in "The Turning" when he says, "Yours is a Messiah." Sometimes he accepts her salvation, like in this song, sometimes he doesn't want to hear her, like in "Get Off Your High Horse Lady" ( seagulls are a Christian metaphor for transfigured souls, as are butterflies, as in "Catch the wheel that breaks the butterfly" ). Sometimes he messes with her mind like in "The Turning" and tries to make her think she's just like he is. These are the three appearances of the "lady" on this album.

    HIGH AND LOW: "Come feed me" -- with the apple of truth -- "and then bring me down," he says. In the world of Oasis, fantasy is HIGH but reality is LOW. Drugs, rock and roll and wealth are all high. But the truth is bitter, and brings you down from these giddy heights. He is asking this lady/angel to bring him down to reality, out of his rock star dream. To save his soul.

    "High" is one of the most prominent words in the Oasis lyrics ( along with "shine." ) Like in the ominous "Bag It Up," with its references to the "monkey man" ( devil ) when Liam says, "Tell me what you desire / And I'll bag it up hig-g-g-ghh." The devil is making his dreams come true, giving him wealth and fame as a rock and roll star... Or in "The Hindu Times" when he says, "I get so high that I just can't feel it." Already in "The Hindu Times," the dream is wearing off and becoming repetitive. Just like in this song when he says "Come get me off the merry-go-round." The circus of his life.

    But there's another part of him that doesn't want to or can't let go. This is the theme of the album. Noel's realization that he either has to give up rock or lose his soul. But how can he give it up? "It's all that I've ever known," he says in "Falling Down." He is tormented by this dilemma and lashes out at God -- "If you won't save me, please don't waste my time." It's pretty grim. This album is the sound of a very talented and bright guy on the verge of losing his mind and soul. That is why it is so doomy and psychedelic.
    ScuttlingCrabon November 04, 2008   Link
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    General CommentFavorite song off the new album. It's so intense and so new I can't compare it to any old oasis song it's got a new sound
    jhendrix516on September 23, 2008   Link
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    General CommentJust love the line: Come get me off the merry-go-round"
    Awesome song.
    thewaywegetbyon October 09, 2008   Link
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    General Commentawesome song, possibly my favourite on the album. something about it is really compelling. bigrobbo, nice take on quite a few of these songs (particularly shock of the lightning)
    Freddie77on October 11, 2008   Link
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    General Commentmaybe bigrobbo is Noel in disguise lol
    andrew8on October 17, 2008   Link
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    General CommentWhat does "she put an apple in my eye" mean?
    Jcm-93on October 19, 2008   Link
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    General CommentThanks Freddie77 for the explanation. Ive been wondering what it ment for ages.
    Jcm-93on October 26, 2008   Link

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