"You Still Hurt Me" as written by and Sr. Williams....
I'm not comfortable with how we never talk
And I miss you since you went out for that walk
Its been 13 months since May
It still feels like yesterday

I was scared to fix what I had broke
Its a lonely place to live with just a ghost
There is love left in my life, I will see
But you still hurt me

I can still see all your clothes thrown on the floor
There are friends who never call me anymore
I remember throwing out all of your things
But I think I kept my ring

I'm not comfortable with how the story ends
We were lovers and now we're not even friends
You were perfect and I guess I'm just a creep
But you still hurt me

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    General CommentAwesome song, I think it's about his wife walking out on him one day and never coming back home. He still feels that pain of her abandonment and leaving him and he talks about throwing her things out but keeping his ring which you can assume is his wedding ring. At the end, he says that he is still uncomfortable about how they parted and realizes that they went from lovers to strangers in an instance and that her being gone still upsets him.
    heartsrhythmon October 11, 2008   Link
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    General CommentGreat song from such a talented artist.

    Basically about a guy who messed up but he is saying that although he was the one who messed up she still hurt him.
    muse6178on November 22, 2008   Link
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    General CommentThis song shows that even the person who does the cheating can be hurt by a break up. We learn in a previous song on this album (Just not Eachother) that when these two people were younger, she broke his heart. While it is never explicitly state what she has done to hurt him those many years ago, the speaker does state the he forgave her.

    I think this song expresses the frustration and perhaps shock that his wife has been away so long (13 months since May) and that she could simply walk out on him. Yes, he he caused this problem ("what I had broke") but the fact that she could not stand beside him in this hour of need is what has hurt him so much.

    He has thrown out all the trivial material things that used to belong to her- but believes has kept the one thing that symbolized their love- his ring (read: wedding ring).
    RayneQueenon March 02, 2009   Link
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    General CommentIts probobly the best song ever written. I love. Its so real. When i really feel that this is the moment, i lissen to this song and feel like i want to just lie next to the girl i love and feel her breathe and look in to her eyes.
    SoulandLoveon March 11, 2009   Link
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    Song Meaning(Track 9 from the album The Sparrow and the Crow)

    After a breakup the desire to reconcile emerges over and over again. With ever clear hind sight, personal shortcomings are readily apparent, and strategies develop regarding what could have been done to overcome them. Each reminder of the past relationship reinvigorates this thinking, and each personal acknowledgment emphasizes the ever-present swollen lump of sorrow that dwells in inside the soul of one who has forsaken love for lust and regretted the decision. The battle against this feeling rages as he rids his world of every tactile and visual reminder, yet he reluctantly knows that he still keeps his wedding ring. The ring is just kept somewhere where he will be reminded everyday.
    fusilladeon April 03, 2009   Link
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    General Commentwilliam fitzsimmons is a pure genius in everything that he writes
    you can sense all that he put into this song, which clearly was written about his wife that left him.
    the last stanza is so beautiful in a depressing way. i love how he dissed himself by referring to himself as a creep, and his ex wife perfect, yet even though he has accepted the fact that his wife was so much better than him, that doesnt justify what she put him through.
    i feel his pain just by reading these lyrics, and even more so listening to his soothing voice.
    xdeadheadxon April 21, 2009   Link

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