I looked long and hard for this week's album review. I wanted something strong, newer and completely unfamiliar to me. After stumbling around the blog world I finally came up with a band that sounded like it'd be worth checking out. That band calls themselves Blacklist.

Blacklist formed in 2004 as something of a revolt against the times. They're from New York and the indie scene basically started pissing them off with its superficiality. The foursome consists of: Ryan Rayhill on bass, Glenn Maryansky on drums, James Minor on guitar and Josh Strawn, guitarist and lead singer. I've got to say these guy bring it all together quite well.

They've been giving their first self-titled EP away for free on their website and I definitely recommend giving that a listen because it's worth paying money for. Their latest EP, Solidare, offers up exactly what you'll expect once you hear the first EP. You can listen to all three tracks on the band's Myspace page or by visiting their website at ListOfBlack.com, but you can find them on Facebook, also.

What makes these guys so special? For me, once I heard Language of the Living Dead I knew I'd love them. The video's very cool in a retro kind of way, the perfect soundtrack to a real life zombie invasion. They go more for melancholy and dread rather than cheesy shock. Strawn's voice is nothing short of amazing and he nails a sound that's reminiscent of say, Nick Cave or maybe Bauhaus. It's the kind of goth that spends less time crying and more time plotting cold revenge.

That lack of nihilistic sentiment won me straight over. Tracks like Blue Shifted and Pure Joy in My Heart ring with the sounds of rebellion rather than suicidal longings. The lyrics to Shock in the Hotel Falcon are available on the Blacklist Myspace page and they speak for themselves. Solid, crisp social commentary works well for these guys because they seem to actually have a clue about the world and a means of singing about it without coming across as preachy. They definitely learned a thing or two from punk.

If you enjoy darker music, but you don't feel like thrashing and ripping peoples' faces off then I think Blacklist just may fit your bill. It's a very accessible sound that'll burn into your brain after only a couple listens. Give these guys a shot and maybe they'll release a full album! God knows we could use more music like theirs.

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