Hey Garland, I dig your tweed coat. I'll trade you a domino this size, mothball-scented. The woman silk nude tie painting his chest. One celluloid stay exposed through his nibbled collar. Feet speckled the sidewalk. Faces gurgled through windows. Passing cars gum rubber streaks. Neon plants swim like green seaweed to a deep rhythm of blues. Red thyroid sunsets, flame in speckled chemistry. Pipes run off dark tubes. Erase into marks that pour the dye of darkness. Crystal comes together as silent as ink.

"I don't think I could let it go. I got it at the religious scene"

Teeth let go, tobacco juice, an oiled balloon, brown eye in an egg white, black tar bubbles and stripes. A straw hat squeaked on the brim of a feather. Newsprint thumbed through nicotine fingers, a dark olive was turned on. Its small pulp speaker burst into a scream. One large tomato was immediately peeled skin red. It bled into a red "O" and smacked behind accepted fangs. Quick eyebrows danced cutely above a mole. The bridge held a large gold pair of spectacles. The front was smooth. It slightly gathered and wrinkled at the holes. A dark wooden moustache deposited below above Chinese red varnished lips that dented slightly into the evening.

"It's gotten quite cold. I've decided I can't sell you my coat."

Honking, the wind puffed into the clumps above the lattice rows. And out looked Panatella, naked and not ashamed, without no clothes. Wiggle Pig went snout-first into a tree. The rubber turkey was gobbled up by the night's dark rubber mouth. A white phosphorous raindrop dropped in the sky. Hot silhouettes in a convertible gave this applause. And several white porcelain trays were rolled in by bumblebees. Their wings arranged with pictures out of the past. And the rainbow baboon gobbled fifteen fish eyes with each spoon. Pockets was caught at window level. Approaching the fractured glass, dripping in light, he spoke: "I've just looked at myself, and from here to here it ain't far enough, but from here to here it's too short." "And circles don't fly, they float," Pena exclaimed and went on to say, "Sun sure did shine this year. Who'd you look like underneath?"

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Hey Garland I Dig Your Tweed Coat song meanings
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    General CommentGreat song. The first section seems to be describing the setting. It would appear to be outdoors, in the city. Perhaps they're on a bench or an outdoor cafe of some kind. The description on neon plants swimming and red thyroid sunsets make it sound like hotel or bar signs lit up, with picutres of palm trees, sunsets, girls, etc as part of their flashy neon advertising. Perhaps this is somewhere in Arizona, where I believe he lived for a while .. during Ice Cream for Crow period maybe.

    Trading the domino that is mothball-scented sounds to me like an old tape of his - maybe a video even. He would have to dig through the mothballs to get it, and it would indeed resemble a large domino, with the big circle on either end of the rectangle.

    The second section is describing Garland. He's older, chewing and spitting tobacco juice. His thumb print is inked on to the newspaper he's holding, and of course there's a small o in a thumb print,making it look like it's screaming.

    The third section I have half figured out. The first part describes Garland blowing his nose and smoking a hand-rolled cigarette. He drops the used match into an ashtray. The sound of the match hitting the tubed ashes from previous cigs (hot sillhouettes) makes for the applause.

    As far as the rainbow baboon and the fifteen fish eyes .. who knows. Maybe they're black-eyed peas being eaten. Maybe there's a blackjack game going on nearby, and the fish eyes are chips being raked in by the dealer's "spoon" .. I have no idea.

    It's possible that Garland - besides being a person described by the Captain - is also symbolic of something else. Just a thought. The fact that he got his coat at the "religious scene", and that the Captain wants to trade some music for it, and then Garland decides not to sell the coat .. it all smacks of something deeper, beneath the surface. Perhaps a comment on religion and commerce going hand-in-hand .. just a thought. I'm sure Pena asking "who'd you look like underneath?" has at least two meanings as well. Any thoughts on this poem are much welcome.
    Hawkeye2008on August 21, 2008   Link

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