"Deep River - Translated*~" as written by and Hikaru Utada....
私たちの痛みが今 飛び立った


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"Deep River" as written by Hikaru Utada

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Deep River - Translated*~ song meanings
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    General CommentHi there everybody! I just wanted to say, what I think this song is about. Although I've read a slightly different translation, all in all it's the same.

    There is some kind of intro to Deep River... I've seen it somewhere on youtube, but it's probably been taken down by now ...
    Hikki talks about how parents love their children, because the children resemble the parents so much.
    And then the song starts ...

    "My finger draws a line
    Between two points
    Those points are the road I’ve walked so far and my destination"

    That's about life, kinda seen from above.

    "The two of us are joing two points
    Eventually we’ll reach the sea and become one
    Though I’m not afraid…"

    That's about when two people meet each other and their lives get intertwined.
    "We'll reach the sea and become one" ... to become one is definitely about having a child.

    "We flow down many rivers without asking for a why
    We don’t have to accept everything
    We're as free as the names we were given
    Now the pain flies away"

    That's so true. People live their lives without questioning it. You don't have to accept everything, because life isn't always fair. We are all independent individuals - we're free.
    I still think the last line is about death ...

    "This sword hasn’t been entrusted to us
    So that we can hear the sound of one sword striking another
    Who can we protect with such a contradiction?"

    It's like Spiderman: "with great power comes great responsibility". lol. With "this sword" Hikkis means individuality. We weren't born and blessed with the ability to think so that we could kill each other or kill the earth. We have to love and appriciate it all.

    "I’m searching today
    For you, who changed your form so many times
    Before you descended before me
    We don’t need to try
    To be accepted anywhere
    We have all been blessed with a sword of individuality"

    In a way we were always searching for the people we met. We all meet coincidental, nothing is predetermined (at least I don't think so). The person you meet (probably Hikki means the love of your life) has lived for some time and has changed form many times (fx. from baby to teenager to adult) before your meet him/her.

    "There are times where the rivers flow changes
    Without carrying anything with it
    We don’t have to accept everything
    We're as free as the names we were given
    Now the birds fly away with the seabreeze"

    Again, life isn't always fair, so you don't have to accept it. You're free to change your life.

    "Now the birds fly away with the seabreeze" ... that's about end of life.
    Afterthebattleon January 25, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI love this song! At first, I thought it was about someone loving someone.
    now, I think it's about someone who loves someone, but like a river, your love can change for that person. A river won't always be the same. rivers changes, just like love

    "Oh oh, sometimes the river flow changes
    You don't have to accept everything
    Oh oh, with the name you're given
    Without having anything.
    The birds facing against the
    Sea breeze just flew away"
    XxYuliaxXon January 09, 2010   Link

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