I walked in, and I pull up my pants.
They're five sizes too large, but I'm taking a chance.
I walked up, to the hand rack.
I grabbed a big stack and moved to the back.
I pulled down my drawers, and then start stuffin'.
Then I pulled them up, cuz the shit aint nothin'.
I walked down, my heart is beatin.
I walked down, my heart is pumpin.
I walked down, my sneakers are squeakin.
I walked down. The alarms are beepin.
Then I start to run...

Cuz I steal...Batteries
Cuz I steal...Tupperware
Cuz I steal...Cuz I dont care
I'll Steal...From anywhere.

House party pumpin know whats up.
Through the door, didnt pay for this cup.
I mingle a little, and say whats up.
Then through the house to grab some stuff. (yeah girl)
Open the door, turn on the lights.
Closet and cupboards...all night.
Sack of weed. Guitar strings.
All the things that I dont need.
Family portraits and Jewelry.
Kids toys and dvds.
I drank your beer and now its clear
To all your homies that...

I Steal, cigarettes
I Steal, I steal gigapets
I Steal, cuz i dont care
I Steal, from anywhere.

Like your grandmother, Im terminally ill.
Like to sneak into her room and steal her pills.
On the iron lung, she sleeps all day.
I dont even have to run away.
Just walk down the street, cool as can be.
High on her liquid morphine
When I grab the wrong meds it aint no fun.
I goto the middle school and sell them to someone.
I take lunch money for medicine.
If she wasnt in a coma, she'd say we were kin.
Dont think your different from anyone else.
I steal the pen from the bank, and the books off the shelf. Cuz...

I steal, parking spots
I steal, car alarms
I steal, cuz i dont care
I'll steal, from anywhere.

I got a trench coat, I open it up
Rolex watches up to my cuffs.
Vercase bags sittin in my trunk.
Luis Vuitton...piled up front.
I sell fashion, this shit aint bunk.
Making a living selling you junk.
You dont know, that this shits hot.
You gotta make some deals to buy some pot.
Cuz you know lifes hard for a brother whose bad.
Stealin so hard make your mamma so sad.
But I dont care, Its how I live.
Takin much more than I'll ever give. Cuz...

Repeat chorus

We jump in the mini van that we stole.
From a mormon family that still supports bob dole.
Parked at the high school selling parsley as weed.
Latter day saints aint got nothin on me.
I jump on stage and spit in the mic.
And some whiney kid says "that nigga stole my bike."
His dad steps to me and he gets in my face.
But I also got his wallet that he thinks he misplaced.
He says you better pay for this bike you retard.
So I buy his boy a huffy with his own mastercard.
Identity theft may be over my head.
So I mug little kids and steal from the dead.

Repeat Chorus

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